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Fast and reliable tech support saves you money, keeps your operations running, and allows you to support your own customers more confidently. These are all important wins in an increasingly competitive business environment. 

Dematic provides technical support for automation systems operating in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. Our technical support specialists are is available 24/7/365 to provide software, hardware, and general operational support to help you:

  • Maximize system uptime/availability
  • Minimize time to diagnose issues
  • Minimize time to repair issues
  • Support your daily operating goals

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We understand that client needs evolve over the life of a system and each client has different shift schedules, risk tolerances, skill sets, labor pools to draw from and other unique characteristics.

The Dematic Monitoring and Response Center is command central for supporting all software, infrastructure, controls, and mechatronics automation at customer sites.

For urgent remote technical support, routine technical consultations, and operational advice, our technical support team is available by phone 24/7/365. The technical support team can diagnose and resolve issues that may occur during system operation. If an issue can’t be resolved quickly via a remote phone consultation, a regional field technician can be dispatched to your site.

  • Dematic technicians are on standby to resolve any issues concerning diminished system operation. 
  • Depending on issue severity, a formal escalation process draws increasing resources and visibility until your automated material handling system is operating correctly.
  • Tracking systems monitor every call, log all activities, and report on resolutions and root causes and provide future advice.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics is a remote, real-time monitoring program that elevates your system support with predictive and diagnostics tools to maximize system performance and availability. Using diagnostic software to monitor your system remotely, Dematic technicians pinpoint where proactive intervention can prevent the potential of diminished system performance.

The service can monitor your database, server architecture, controllers, scanners and/or software applications. It can also provides insight into the status of your software infrastructure, supports preventive maintenance strategies, and includes notifications with recommended actions.

The applications databases and supporting infrastructure deliver sub-millisecond responses required to support your automation systems. Dematic provides Software Infrastructure and Operational Technology Support services to help your system accommodate daily volume and capacity demands. 

Database services provides continuous monitoring of production databases and their security, including database functional performance, analysis/tuning, and database backup and recovery validations:

  • Infrastructure Support: Monitors network, server, storage areas, and handshake opportunities between systems, hardware, and software with periodic reporting
  • Server Administration: Provides maintenance (performance monitoring, network health, general user administration) of software (OS, DB, and Third Party) installed on Dematic servers.

Software/OS patching communicates hot fixes, service packs, and appropriate updates for your Dematic applications and solutions. It tests compatibility of newly released operating system patches and updates for the OSs, databases, and antivirus support. Dematic can also apply validated and applicable updates to your operation systems and databases that are running our solutions. 

Continuity Support is an ongoing service to ensure full functionality of high availability components installed at your site. It includes an annual disaster recovery test of the Dematic server environment, general business continuity support, maintenance of disaster recovery infrastructure, documentation review, and updated disaster recovery infrastructure and processes.

Supported technologies

Here are some of the general areas and types of technologies that Dematic Service supports:

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) software
  • Warehouse Execution System (WES) software
  • Warehouse Control System (WMS) software
  • Controls, sensors, scanners, IIoT devices
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Sort Controllers
  • Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light Controls and Software
  • Voice Technology Controls and Software

Dematic’s “always on” Technical Support Call Center is your lifeline to supply chain professionals regardless of the make or model of your technology.

Our team employs the resources and tools to provide exceptional support whenever our clients need it.


Dematic technologists on standby to resolve client issues, not operators or a third-party service.


Depending on issue severity, our formal escalation process draws increasing resources and visibility until the client is satisfied.


Contemporary tracking systems monitor every call, log all activities and report on resolution, root cause and future advice.

We understand that client needs evolve over the life of a system and each client has different shift schedules, risk tolerances, skill sets, labor pools to draw from and other unique characteristics.

That is why our support process begins with interviewing our clients to understand their needs and culture before offering support solutions.

Our customer service goals are simple — to provide our clients with the highest achievable uptime, the lowest life cycle costs, and measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure their satisfaction.

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