Sustainability at Dematic

Sustainability is not a destination, it’s a journey.

It’s a relentless commitment to meaningful change, supported by a business strategy that prioritizes thoughtful stewardship of people, planet, and products.

Dematic’s holistic and industry-leading approach to sustainability reflects a continuous pursuit of being an employer of choice, limiting impact on climate change, and enhancing the safety of customers.

We focus on ambitious goals, with achievable plans to get there. Incremental changes lead to dramatic impacts when we build sustainability into every effort. We apply an engineering approach across our organization — from decreased utility consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across our supply chain to increased engagement with our employees and communities.

We look forward to a more sustainable future by helping our suppliers, partners, and customers reach their goals. We’re grateful that they are on this journey with us. 


2022 Sustainability Report

At Dematic, we try to make sustainability a part of every aspect of our business by focusing on people, planet, and products. This report presents highlights of our achievements in 2022 as well as our strategies for continued improvements. 

I am honored to be part of Dematic’s enduring sustainability journey as we continue to weave sustainability into every aspect of our business. While we should take time to reflect on the achievements of the year, we must always progress with a continued focus on people, planet, and products.

Hasan Dandashly — President, Dematic, KION Group Executive Board Member

Our sustainability methodology

Sustainability is an underlying principle and a driver of Dematic’s business strategy.

Our core values — integrity, collaboration, courage, and excellence — compel sustainable actions. These values are shared by KION Group, and they are specified in the KION Group Code of Compliance that informs the actions of each member of our company.

KION Group aspires to understand the needs of its customers with material handling solutions specific to their needs. Embracing sustainable business practices naturally aligns with this. 

With the support of KION Group, the Dematic approach to sustainability places equal value on people, planet, and products. People (our employees, our suppliers, our partners, our customers) connect through our products to do what’s best for our planet.

Our sustainability methodology is defined as:


We aim to be an employer where people want to work. Occupational health and safety are fundamental to us.


We limit our impact on climate change and the planet as a whole. We also expect our suppliers to comply with environmental and social standards.


We provide highly performing products, solutions, and services that are efficient to use, contribute to climate change mitigation, and enhance the safety of our customers.

Our sustainability achievements

Our holistic, transparent approach to sustainability places value on people, planet, and product. We identify corresponding targets within these key areas and hold ourselves accountable with measurable results.

ISO 45001 certification rate of 82% 82%

Percentage of ISO 45001 health and safety standards achieved

Platinum Rating from EcoVadus PLATINUM

EcoVadis rating achieved in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K. (placing Dematic in the top 1% of companies assessed by EcoVadis)

40% reduction in Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate 40%

Reduction in Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) from 2021 to 2022

24% reduction of total Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHC emissions 24%

Reduction of total Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHC emissions since 2020

$273,000+ investment made in our communities through hands-on, in-kind support and grants

Investment made in our communities through hands-on, in-kind support and grants

81% of Dematic sites are ISO14001 certified 81%

Percentage of ISO 14001 certified Dematic sites

Circularity: Commitment to complete product lifecycle design with no waste CIRCULARITY

Commitment to complete product lifecycle design with no waste

Protecting workers from the dangers of noise pollution with noise-reduction features and upgrades QUIETER

Protecting workers from the dangers of noise pollution with noise-reduction features and upgrades

Partnering with Google Cloud to help our customers move toward carbon neutrality GOOGLE CLOUD

Partnering with Google Cloud to help our customers move toward carbon neutrality

70% increase in Employee Resource Group (ESG) events from 2021 to 2022 to spark global employee inspiration and engagement 70%

Increase in Employee Resource Group (ESG) events from 2021 to 2022 to spark global employee inspiration and engagement

Our sustainability goals

Occupational health and safety
  • Reduction of accident frequency rate by minimum 5% per year (based on the annual upper limit in the long-term of no occupational accidents)
  • 100% ISO 45001 certification rate (all sites) by 2024

Employer attractiveness

  • Increase in employee satisfaction to an engagement score of at least 75% and a participation rate of at least 68% by 2023 as measured by an annual global employee survey
  • 100% compliance with KION Group employment standards 

Environmentally and socially responsible supply chain

  • EcoVadis or equivalent rating (Corporate Social Responsibility performance) for:
    • 25% of top spend on strategic suppliers by 2022
    • 100% of strategic and high-risk suppliers by 2023
    • 100% of direct suppliers by 2025
  • Definition and communication of minimum EcoVadis or equivalent rating for all suppliers by 2023
  • Minimum EcoVadis rating mandatory for all suppliers by 2027
  • 30% absolute reduction of total energy related GHG emissions of own operations in metric tons of CO2e (Scope 1, 2, and 3) compared to 2017
  • Absolute reduction in GHG emissions in metric tons of CO2e compared with 2021
    • Near-term: Scope 1 and 2 by 4.2% per year and Scope 3 by 2.5% per year through 2030
    • Long-term: Net zero, Scopes 1, 2, and 3 by 100% by 2050
  • 100% ISO 14001 certification rate (all sites) by 2024
  • A sustainability-focused portfolio: 100% of new products and solutions measured by sustainability-related targets by 2027
  • CO2 neutrality of products and solutions when in operation (in metric tons of CO2 e Scope 3 GHG emissions caused by the use of KION Group products and solutions) by 2050
  • Mitigating risks of noise pollution: 20% of Dematic product and solutions targeted to operate under 85 dBA by 2027


Sustainability starts here

Sustainability starts with our employees and continues with our customers, our business partners, and our communities. From hiring diverse, sustainably minded people and supporting their professional development and community involvement to collaborating with customers in developing new products, we are breaking down barriers and building bridges.

How we achieve our goals

Everything we do is human-centered. Our people improve the lives of our customers, make our communities more vibrant, and create more rewarding workplaces. Providing our people with the support they need allows them to make those good things happen.

  • We consistently look for ways to improve safety and prevent accidents. In 2019, we began ISO 45001 certification on health and safety throughout our organization. Nearly 80% of our sites are certified, and we intend to have 100% certified by 2024.

  • Our behavior-based safety process starts with a foundation of the Dematic Life Saving Rules — eight rules to focus every employee on situational awareness, respect for potential hazards, and risk avoidance. We connect with every employee through engagement and feedback, training and mentoring, and rewards.

  • Our efforts extend to the mental health aspects of safety culture. Our Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs), accredited Dematic employees, provide support, consultation, and guidance for fellow employees seeking help. MFHAs are an initial touch points for psychological safety and mental health issues and can suggest further help from therapists or physicians when appropriate.

I want Dematic employees to know, see, and feel that we put their health and well-being at the heart of everything we do. I am passionate about driving well-being. If my team can help employees change habits, seek support, or share experiences, then we will be successful.

Rebecca Hartley — Vice President, Human Resources, EMEA


Ensuring a Greener Tomorrow

Dematic remains committed to protecting our planet by mitigating our environmental impact — as well as the impact of our partners and customers. In every aspect of business, we are striving to make measurable differences through personal accountability, innovative processes, sustainable materials, and more environmentally friendly products and solutions. Through these actions, Dematic aims to deliver on our promise of positive environmental stewardship.

How we achieve our goals

We strive to make measurable differences through emphasizing personal accountability, developing innovative processes, sourcing sustainable materials, and developing environmentally friendly products and solutions. Together with our suppliers and customers, we’re delivering on our promise to be responsible stewards of the environment.

We have aligned our product and operations goals with the sustainability strategy of our parent company, KION, to decrease the environmental impact of our operations. As part of their climate and energy action field, KION plans to decrease carbon emissions in scope 1, 2, and 3 to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through climate change mitigation.

We’re challenging all of our operations teams to identify additional opportunities for the continued reduction of energy usage.

Will Weatherford — Senior Vice President, Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability


Sustainably driven customer solutions

Dematic products and solutions are recognized worldwide for their safety, reliability, and efficiency. And we continue to look for opportunities to make improvements. From collaborating with our customers to encouraging tactical training and improved energy efficiency, we are developing products and solutions with sustainability in mind — for our good of our customers and the planet.

How we achieve our goals

We develop and deliver sustainable solutions that power the future of commerce. As a global leader in intelligent automation, our focus is squarely set on helping our customers achieve their performance and sustainability goals through collaboration — their goals are the foundation of our goals. 

  • We are developing a fully sustainability-focused portfolio, one that supports 100% of new developments evaluated by uniform global standards that measure sustainability performance.

  • We are analyzing the environmental performance through the full lifecycle of strategic producs. This Cradle-to-Cradle® approach ensures products are intentionally designed and produced for recycling (upcycling) at the end of their life. It also leads to data-based improvements we can apply to existing products and solutions.

“The starting point for energy efficiency optimization should be at the solution level for logistics ecosystems to maximize the benefits for a more sustainable future.”

Schaefer Arnould — Senior Director, Systems R&D

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