Distribution Center Operational Excellence (DCOE)

Launching Automation Successfully

DCOE is a Dematic program that addresses the challenges of launching automation successfully by providing operational education, training, and support for your facility.

DCOE is staffed by experienced Dematic professionals whose core competency is maximizing automation value. The DCOE staff work with clients from the design phase to ownership phase on new projects and renovations to existing projects. They address the unique requirements and provide guidance to maximize return on investment.

How DCOE Works

DCOE is about providing a consistent go-to resource that can shepherd your project from pre-contract design through post-implementation ownership.

  • In the design phase, your DCOE team works with you to define needs and set objectives to customize a solution that meets your unique operational requirements. 
  • In the implementation phase, your DCOE team provides continual education and advice, so the system solution is not only proved for normal operation but for peak volume operation as well. 
  • Finally, at the turnover phase, your DCOE team continues to provide guidance for problem solving and fine tuning the system solution.

DCOE Benefits

  • Enhances operational training for your team 
  • Generates a continuity plan for learning and understanding 
  • Ensures a smooth a start-up with extended on-site support 
  • Delivers a quicker return on your investment in automation 
  • Provides guidance specific to your system throughout the entire project


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Distribution Center Operational Excellence

DCOE is a Dematic program designed specifically to address the challenges of launching automation successfully by providing operational guidance, coaching, and support for your facility.

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