Optimize the Handling of Cases, Layers, Pallets

Dematic provides a portfolio of warehouse logistics solutions especially designed for the Protein industry. These solutions cover the space from where the product is placed in a box to being placed on a truck.

These solutions manage the specific order fulfillment requirements of the slaughter/harvest house and value-add processing/case ready/portion pack facilities that supply wholesalers, retail stores, food service and export customers. Our solutions for the Protein industry are modular and scalable, and span from automated storage only to include fully lights out automation.

Protein Industry Trends

  • A protein shortage in China (and other parts of Asia) caused by African Swine Fever (ASF)
  • The growth of alternative proteins creating additional competition within protein supply chains
  • Orders for animal proteins decreasing in size, increasing in frequency, and expanding in variety — creating a more chaotic order fulfillment environment
  • Heavier animals (especially beef cattle) coupled with customer demands for lighter boxes creating a need for more throughput and box storage
  • High cost to attract, train, and retain workers for sub-optimal working conditions in protein distribution facilities
  • Growth in exports — orders staged for USDA inspection require additional space
  • FSIS regulations in the United States leading to more quarantine and recall requirements
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How Dematic Can Help

The protein segment of the Food & Beverage industry has specific challenges:

  • Maximizing product accuracy and freshness
  • Accommodating package varieties, complexity, and customization requirements
  • Meeting food production targets despite climate change and natural calamities

Dematic has the right protein solutions to automate and manage your picking, distribution, and shipping processes. Each solution ensures accuracy and traceability, while eliminating mistakes from error-prone manual picking. Dematic Protein solutions include:

  • Automated individual case handling solutions with integrated robotics
  • Automated material handling that integrate high-density pallet storage systems
  • Reverse route truck loading order fulfillment
  • Robotic palletizing for multi-SKU and mixed-SKU customer orders
  • AGVs (mobile automation) for automated transportation of pallets, staging, trailer loading
  • Flexibility to accommodate variations in order volume and order profiles
  • Temperature-controlled environments — coolers, freezers
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Boxed Beef Automated Fulfillment

Beef packing is a competitive industry. Smaller and slow-to-change packers are now lagging the remainder of the industry in the use of warehouse This ultimately puts those companies at a competitive disadvantage. This white paper outlines technologies available today and can serve as a blueprint for a competitive response.

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Flexible Case Fulfillment for Meat & Poultry

Dematic provides a portfolio of warehouse intralogistics solutions especially designed for the meat protein industry. The solutions manage the specific order fulfillment requirements of the slaughter operations and retail ready/portion pack facilities that supply retailers, wholesalers, food service, and export customers.

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