Order Fulfillment Solutions for Omni-Channel Retailers & Wholesalers

Dematic enables apparel retailers and wholesalers to offer a responsive and satisfying order fulfillment experience for their customers. Our solutions optimize the order fulfillment process for all channels including e-Commerce, traditional brick and mortar stores, and in-store pick up.

Dematic has the process improvement expertise to deliver high-performance solutions for the apparel market, with successful reference projects operating worldwide. Dematic engineers modular, flexible, and scalable solutions that meet consumer demand for a seamless omni-channel shopping experience — from micro-fulfillment solutions installed in back rooms of existing retail stores to fully automated distribution centers.

Apparel Retailer & Wholesaler Trends

  • Complexity of omni-channel order fulfillment
  • E-Commerce growth 10–15% annually
  • Mall traffic declining, stores closing
  • Less inventory in stores/more frequent deliveries
  • Order fulfillment from stores — use of in-store micro warehouse
  • Fluctuations in demand and merchandise handled
  • Increasing pressure to process returns quickly and efficiently, despite growing number of SKUs
  • Impact of offshore apparel production — time to market, tariffs, interruptions
  • Chronic labor shortages making automation essential, even for smaller operations

How Dematic Can Help

Dematic adapts apparel industry solutions to your most challenging issues: configurations for multichannel or dedicated e-commerce fulfillment, multi-channel or dedicated retail store fulfillment, seasonal/promotional peaks, slow moving inventory, same-day (sometimes one-hour) delivery, and returns processing.

Dematic apparel industry solutions include:

  • Advanced software to optimize order fulfillment and provide insights into the operation
  • Flexibility for seasonal & promotional peaks and changing order profiles
  • Order fulfillment that shares inventory and labor to serve multiple channels
  • Faster and more efficient processing of returns — even with growing numbers of SKUs
  • Efficient processing of smaller and more complex orders
  • Automation that reduces dependency on warehouse labor
  • Configurations for dedicated e-commerce or retail store fulfillment
  • Software and hardware that fit current needs — from simple solutions (such as voice or RF) to highly automated solutions

7 Secrets to a Future-Forward Omni-Channel Fulfillment Strategy

Micro-fulfillment is the retail answer to modern consumer demands — helping brands maintain control of the shopping experience, retain critical customer data, and make rapid order fulfillment profitable. Download this playbook to learn the essential components of a micro-fulfillment strategy.

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Case Study

Meyer & Meyer

The Challenge:
As one of the world’s leading fashion logistics providers, the company offers its customers a scope of services — from raw goods and production logistics to storage, processing, quality assurance, and sales-ready distribution.

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