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Dematic brings improved performance to your existing material handling systems with modernizations and upgrades. New automation, controls, and software configurations optimize system performance, help you meet new requirements, and replace outdated, end-of-life technology.

Performance Optimization

Retrofit Accumulation Conveyor for Decline Application

Performance Optimization

Explore a few examples of Dematic performance optimizations that significantly improve equipment and operational effectiveness. Review your systems to achieve optimal performance. Contact our team today to view our portfolio and improve your operation.

Featured Optimizations

The Dematic Non-Contact Accumulation Conveyor is ideal for existing operations that need to improve conveyor accumulation performance and reduce overall noise levels. It is designed to fit existing convey/sort systems

This next generation accumulation conveyor can replace poor performing conveyor and conveyor near or at their end of life. It is ideal for non-contact accumulation performance on declines.

New design features include:

  • Non-contact accumulation for horizontal and decline applications
  • All new configuration: sensor valve, linkage, brake, electronics, controls
  • Coated rollers, drive belt, and brake design reduce sound level
  • Zero-pressure accumulation
  • Fail-safe mode: brake is applied and drive belt released if no power/air
  • Supports higher conveyor speeds for sorter induct

Experiencing high noise levels in your operation? The Dematic Quiet Roller can be easily retrofitted into your existing conveyor systems. Built with a dual spring-loaded hex axle, the Dematic Quiet Roller is designed for universal application that fits easily into standard conveyor side channels. It improves workplace comfort and safety by damping roller noise.

Materials inside the roller shell and axle tips covered with urethane adaptors ensure a secure fit that reduces vibration and noise.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Sealed precision bearings enable a quiet operation at all speeds
  • Galvanized roller outer surface prevents corrosion and rust
  • Coated roller (optional) provides additional sound damping and traction for decline conveyor

The Dematic Carton Aligner is the ideal solution for operations that require improved carton singulation and alignment. The Carton Aligner resolves the following issues: side-by-side cartons, un-aligned carton flow, too much recirculation, and carton jams. It is designed to output a single-file flow of cartons with alignment oriented to one side of the conveyor. This enables effective downstream barcode label scanning, carton alignment for label print/apply, and accurate sorting/diverting.

The Dematic Carton Aligner fits existing conveyor and sortation systems. Installation is fast and cost effective, using the existing conveyor frame and drive systems.

Upgrade your accumulation performance with the Dual Zone Controller 3. It is designed for retrofit to existing Dematic accumulation conveyor, model 9265. It replaces the previous version Dual Zone Controller 1 and Single Zone Controller. The Dual Zone Controller provides effective carton/tote accumulation control. It can operate in multiple accumulation modes which are configurable. It controls one or two conveyor zones and uses electronic sensors to monitor load presence.

Dual Zone Controller 3 maximizes conveyor accumulation performance. It’s simple to configure and change the accumulation mode. The clear cover and color-coded LEDs support at-a-glance status monitoring and diagnostics. The Switch Interface Module with status LED is mounted on the conveyor side channel for easy status viewing and access.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Retrofit design enables easy plug & convey to existing conveyor
  • Simple instructions and easy installation process

Optimize Your Performance

Software Upgrades

It's time to upgrade your systems with Dematic software solutions. Enable supervisory control and real-time performance management. Ensure your system is not at risk by updating or replacing legacy software.

Featured Enhancements

Upgrade your automated material handling system to the current release of Dematic Equipment Management Services (EMS) software. Dematic EMS software versions 9.5 & 9.6 are at end of life.

Dematic EMS software version 9.8.19 supports Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and allows enhanced multilayer security capabilities for controlled privileged access, VM protection, and advanced protection against viruses and malware threats. Version 9.8.19 supports MS SQL 2019 with benefits such as improved database performance, intelligent query processing, and enhanced built-in security for data classification and protection. Compatibility with latest development tools enables improvements in user interface, application performance, and troubleshooting.


Improve the overall performance of your picking operation. Dematic PickDirector software versions 1.0 to 3.2 are at end of life, and version 3.3 is nearing end of life with remote support only.

The upgrade software solution is Dematic iQ. Please contact your Dematic Customer Service Account Manager to review the upgrade.


Maximize the diverting & sorting performance of your sortation operation. Dematic SortDirector software versions 0.9 to 5.3 are at end of life, and version 5.4 is nearing end of life with remote support only.

The upgrade software solution is Dematic iQ. Please contact your Dematic Customer Service Account Manager to review the upgrade solution.


Dematic Condition Monitoring uses IIoT Industrial Internet of Things sensors, networks, controls and software to collect, process and present data to operations management. This allows supervisors to make smarter, proactive decisions thereby maximizing uptime.

Get real-time visibility to the current state of your intralogistics automation with Dematic Visual I/O. The latest version of Dematic Visual I/O is available now. It's a web-based HMI/SCADA visualization system that connects to the material handling automation and displays real-time and historical data. The application is easy-to-use and accessible from any computer or device connected to the facility network.

Dematic Visual I/O receives constant communications data from automation systems such as conveyor, sortation, and automated storage. It enables your team to quickly pinpoint alarm conditions, respond to diminished performance, and resolve issues.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • ICONICS™ software – real-time graphical display of the automated material handling system
  • Web browser interface, click and drag zoom, and adjustable system elevation bar
  • Instant views of subsystems to quickly locate issues in the facility

Upgrade Your Software


Sliding Shoe Sorter Modernization

Modernize and rebuild your existing Dematic sliding shoe sorters at your site. This includes new controls, sensors, drive system, slats, and divert shoes. We offer time-compressed sorter modernization to avoid interruptions in ongoing operations.

Modernize your systems

Automated Storage/Retrieval System Modernization

If your AS/RS is underperforming due to wear and age, consider replacing the controls, sensors, bus bars, safety devices, and encoders with next generation technology. Upgrade the software to latest version and replace mechanical devices such as the lifting carriage, load handling device, hoist, and floor rail. The results: increased uptime, improved reliability, and reduced cost to operate.

Modernize your AS/RS


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