Ready, Safe, + Sound

Our new safety pledge

National Signing Day is celebrated by athletes, their families, and fans throughout the year. On February 2nd in the U.S., with much fanfare, college-bound athletes sign their letters of intent to play college sports. Dematic is having its first annual signing day as we launch our new pledge for safety and employees around the company are encouraged to sign their intent to be Ready, Safe + Sound.

Employees are precious. Their safety comes first. Dematic has been continuously working to understand and address safer ways to work, and it is producing positive results.

“Safety is a visible indicator for the performance and reliability of an organization. Those who follow us, including our customers, realize instantly if we are good performer or not — just by our safety track record,” says Will Weatherford, VP, Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability. “Pledging to be Ready, Safe + Sound combines the motivation to change with the will and permission to do so, making us all change champions.”

I am ready to work with the right tools, procedures, and attitude — which includes avoiding risky behaviors and habits.

A transformational and situational mindset

Just like any athlete hitting the court, track, pool, or pitch, having the right equipment, support, and state of mind can make or break performance. Ready, Safe + Sound is a necessary component of personal and business transformation. It supports altering the character of why and how we approach more efficient and effective work with an overarching and connected set of expectations that everyone can participate in and feel valued.

We are a team of elite industrial athletes, and like warming up for a game, we need personal preparation routines, instructions, checklists, and flexibility to deliver incredible products, solutions, and services — every day. Being ready can make or break productivity and performance. 

I am safe because I'm well-trained, prepared, and have clear behavior based safety expectations.

Training and situational awareness are essential. This includes proper use of hand tools, analyzing hazards and risks with body positioning, anticipating what could happen if tools fail and put people in harm’s way, and installing countermeasures. We win when our entire team returns home as healthy as they started the day.

I am sound with optimal mental and emotional health and the well-being necessary for making good decisions for myself, my coworkers, and my family every day.

With stress and anxiety, along with multitudes of distractions, it's important to have a sound mind and a focus on well-being. We can't simply pick our emotions, but we can practice being patient, tolerant, and caring with ourselves and each other. 

Our team is making their commitment

The topic of “safety at work” is well-rooted in the supply chain. The stronger our pledge for safety, the more we'll be known for uncompromisingly high standards and a world-class safety culture that keeps and attracts top talent, suppliers, and customers.

“I am confident that if we all commit as a team to being Ready, Safe + Sound, and apply this mindset along with our behavior-based safety program and procedures, we'll continue to achieve a best-in-class health and safety performance,” says Weatherford. “There's nothing more important than our team members returning home safely at the end of each day. The Ready, Safe + Sound mindset is the winning play.”

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