What Does Better Look Like for Omnichannel Fulfillment?

Order Fulfillment for Omnichannel Retailer

Integrating your e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar fulfillment can sound daunting. Let’s be honest, if it was easy, everybody would have already done it by now. But the result — a highly efficient operation and total consumer satisfaction — is absolutely worth it.

So let’s jump forward to 2025 and imagine you’ve put in the work. What does that look like? What benefits are you seeing?

1. Your people are safer and happier.

Now you have a truly holistic system — everything runs a lot smoother and accurate forecasting has taken the pressure off busy periods, dramatically reducing downtime. Because of automated picking and movement, nobody needs to lift bins, and operators instead work at ergonomically designed packing stations, which can be easily added as you grow.

2. You’re way more agile.

You now enjoy a level of flexibility and agility that you couldn’t have dreamed of a few years ago. You are scaling your operations and increasing SKUs gradually, growing your business in a managed way knowing you can respond to opportunities and challenges promptly. 

3. One system. One inventory. One data stream.

Your new superpower is simplicity. Your inventory is a single entity, no matter how you fulfill orders or where they are returned. You now keep tabs on everything easily through a software system, and this level of integration allows you to do all kinds of other things. You can streamline high return volumes from e-commerce orders and easily move stock between warehouse and retail locations. 

There are no more data silos, either. All your information is channeling into your software, allowing you to make better decisions faster. 

4. You have very satisfied customers.

You’re known for your flexibility and speed on any order profile and providing a great consistent brand experience. No more profit-sapping triple handling or complaints. Your software is helping you be a leader in your field for customer satisfaction — especially thanks to your sustainable returns operations.

People love shopping with you, and the online reviews show it.

5. And finally… your bottom line is healthier.

Underlying this whole process ever since you started has been low cost of ownership — doing more with less. By planning everything carefully, you’ve kept super lean, and your profit margin has grown in response. 

By investing in the right software and equipment to optimize your total operation, you’re a case study in efficiency and the definition of a strong omnichannel brand. Kudos!

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