EcoVadis Ratings: Driving Sustainability in the Supply Chain Industry and for Retailers

Sustainability has become a critical consideration for businesses across all industries. Studies show that consumers will pay more for a product that is sustainable, while B2B buyers are more likely to do business with a company with sustainable operations.

Sustainability and ethical practices are driving businesses to examine their environmental and social impact to meet growing customer requirements and a changing regulatory landscape that promotes transparency. This is where EcoVadis comes into play.

What are EcoVadis ratings?

EcoVadis is a purpose-led company whose mission is to provide the world's most trusted business sustainability ratings. Businesses of all sizes rely on the expertise and evidence-based ratings of EcoVadis to monitor and improve the sustainability performance and their operations and their trading partners. 

The EcoVadis ratings consider comprehensive policies and practices across the key areas: labor, environment, ethics, and sustainable procurement. At Dematic, nearly all our assessed locations have been awarded the EcoVadis Platinum rating. This puts Dematic in the top 1% of companies assessed by EcoVadis, which is a significant feat. 

How did Dematic rise to the top?

Dematic takes a holistic approach to sustainability by equally valuing our people, planet, and products. The intentional application of sustainability throughout the company helps ensure our position as a global leader in intelligent automation.

We analyze our supply chain, and this starts by ensuring our suppliers are aware of the Dematic Code of Compliance and our Principles of Supplier Conduct. We encourage our suppliers to demonstrate their efforts toward sustainability by engaging independent assessments related to their industry and geography. Together, we identify the opportunities and urge our suppliers to address them.

The intention is to create a chain reaction that produces major leaps in sustainability across our supply chain. By working with suppliers who also prioritize sustainability, Dematic improves our supply chain and can help our customers improve sustainability and consistency their supply chain. EcoVadis ratings showcase our sustainability practices and provide edge for us and our customers.

Our focus on sustainability doesn’t stop with our suppliers. We believe in continuous improvement across all our operations and practices. For example, a simple and effective approach we use during product development is asking basic environmental questions like:

  • Are we using materials and methods?
  • How can we minimize waste?
  • Are we being socially responsible with the products and solutions we offer?

This helps us identify areas that need additional attention. In 2022, Dematic operations in Mexico, Canada, Germany, and the United States ramped up programs to recycle electronic waste that helped deliver a 100% increase in recovered hazardous waste worldwide — real-world benefits of continuous progress on our sustainability initiatives.

EcoVadis atings are a tool we use to translate all the initiatives into measurable results. We use the EcoVadis assessment to benchmark our policies, practices, and actions against the highest standards for sustainable business. To complete an EcoVadis assessment, Dematic must provide evidence of its policies, processes, and Each completed assessment is a rigorous process and a quantitative sign of Dematic’s commitment to sustainability.

The ratings provided by EcoVadis help us understand our strengths and opportunities with labor and working conditions, environment protection, and fair business practices. It helps us continually evaluate our policies and processes to make them more effective than the year before to keep at the forefront of supply chain sustainability.

The value of EcoVadis ratings for retailers

The effort Dematic puts into supply chain sustainability directly affects our customers. Consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned with the environmental impact of the products they use, and they expect retailers to provide products and services. If they don’t, consumers quickly go elsewhere. Working with sustainable suppliers allows retailers to meet the sustainability goals and initiatives consumers expect.

Retailers, in turn, can positively influence consumer behavior. They can educate and inspire shoppers to make more sustainable choices. Retailers can also benefit from supply chain transparency. Sharing where their products come from, how they’re manufactured, and their impact on the planet can make their product more desirable and worth more in the eyes of consumers.

Retailers who partner with companies with EcoVadis ratings drive sustainability advancements across their operations and build consumer trust. Sourcing products an ethically and environmentally friendly way attracts consumers. At Dematic, aligning our operations and our supplier operations with sustainability creates value for our retailer customers.

Learn more about Dematic and sustainability

Our goal at Dematic is to make sustainability a focus in everything we do. Our relationship with EcoVadis shows our sustainability commitment across our organization and supply chain. Measuring our progress and highlighting improvement areas facilitates our continuous improvement journey and creates the next set of meaningful sustainability initiatives — and ultimately a better future for our people, planet, and products. 

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives in our annual sustainability report.

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