General Merchandise

Customer Loyalty and Trust, Delivered by Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

Loyalty, trust, and a safe and seamless shopping experience for customers are now critical to the success of any General Merchandise Solutions business. This raises new questions for retailers: How do you offer an experience that exceeds consumer expectations? How do you stay profitable at the same time? More businesses are realizing that automation solutions are the answer to achieve a smart and efficient retail operation with improved accuracy.

The Changing Marketplace

Consumer preferences are rapidly shifting. We all want a one-stop, omnichannel shopping experience. Personalized experiences paired with competitive pricing. And the flexibility to receive our purchases quickly and in the way we want. General Merchandise retailers must adapt to overcome these new challenges, while continuing to address traditional ones:

The Changing General Merchandise Marketplace
  • Keep space requirements down while moving retail order fulfillment operations closer to customers and into more expensive locations
  • Provide a wide selection of goods that meet consumer demand while managing SKU proliferation
  • Keep up with peak shopping times, simultaneously filling orders for e-commerce customers and retail locations
  • Maintain a motivated, productive workforce by providing a safe and healthy work environment
  • Offer convenient — and quick — in-store and online purchase options

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