Consultancy & Training

Optimizing Your System and Team Performance

Dematic’s Consultancy and Training Services aim to identify opportunities that give you a competitive advantage.

Dematic works closely with you to propose system developments and practical solutions for optimizing your system processes as well as to perform specific audits and deliver tailored training packages to further enhance your support capability.

Capture the Hidden Capacity Within Your Facility

Dematic specialist consultants assist you to identify opportunities for improving overall system performance. Dematic provides practical solutions with proven techniques such as equipment benchmarking, process flow, and operator efficiency evaluation. 

Safety and Other Regulatory Requirements

Safety and other legislation is continually updated, but your equipment may not. Safety systems must be in place to meet the required standards and maintenance schedules and processes must be in place to adhere to regulatory requirements. Dematic consultants identify the updates and solutions you need to be aligned with current regulations and standards. 

Team Skills Development

Dematic trainers are available to perform technical skills assessments of individuals or teams and develop a tailored training plan to further enhance their safe working practices. 

Operation and Equipment Audits

Dematic audits highlight all equipment, spares management, maintenance, safety, or energy issues so you can focus continuous improvements efforts on areas with the best return on investment to improve reliability and sustainability.

Dematic University

Dematic University

Dematic eLearning

Dematic eLearning

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Customer Service Solutions

Dematic works with you to ensure you get the best possible performance out of your system throughout its life. With our comprehensive range of service and support solutions, you can be assured that the people that designed and implemented the system are there to take care of it for you.