Robotic Picking Systems

Introducing Your Next High-Performing Team Member

Technological advancements are empowering humans and machines to work side-by-side, running efficient operations that can run three shifts per day, 365 days per year. By integrating robotics systems into your operations, you gain an intelligent addition to your workforce, 24/7 picking capacity, and the benefits that fully automated, dependable operation can deliver.

Robotics systems can seamlessly integrate into your operation to deliver faster and more accurate fulfilment while addressing top supply chain concerns like labour constraints and whipsaw changes in consumer demands.

Why robotics picking systems are vital in the modern warehouse

Robotics picking technology has advanced tremendously and is highly dependable. It is well-suited for larger automation solutions that can help you to: 

  • Robotic picking systems eliminate labour concerns like availability, safety, ergonomics, and high turnover.
  • Retain your skilled workforce. Robotics can perform the strenuous, repetitive tasks while you empower your staff by training them to programme and maintain the systems.

Types of Dematic standard robotic systems

Dematic Robotic systems offer multiple solutions based on technology and software that meet business needs across myriad environments. Key system types include:


  • Difficult/Dangerous Work: Manual depalletising is intense labour that leads to back strain, fatigue, and high employee turnover rates.
  • Labour Scarcity: Can’t always find enough qualified workers to fill demand.

System overview

The Dematic Robotic Depalletiser module provides automatic unstacking of homogeneous (box size pure) carton pallets or rainbow pallets onto a belted outbound conveyor. The empty pallet is then automatically conveyed out of the cell.
The Dematic Robotic Depalletiser module is available in two variants:
  • Single Channel: Uses a single inbound and a single outbound conveyor line
  • Dual channel: Uses two inbound conveyor lines plus either one or two outbound conveyor lines

Depending on the flow of material in the facility, the orientation and direction of flow can be configured in these ways:

  • Material can flow clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • Material can enter and then exit from left or right of the robot
  • Infeed conveyors and outfeed conveyors can be placed on either side of each other


Robotic Order Fulfilment

Dematic Robotics is leading the way in making robotic automation functional, practical, and profitable for your production or distribution facility. Dematic solutions incorporate industrial robots, advanced vision technologies, intelligent motion planning, and product controls to meet your unique requirements.

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Choose the Robotic Module best for your business

Dematic provides a wide range of robotic options for you to select the technology level best suited for your operations.


From simple to highly complex, every robotics system requires a level of software. Dematic provides scalable software that integrates with your current warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse control system (WCS) or warehouse execution system (WES). Dematic software features:

  • Advanced 3D camera technology to expertly handle picking challenges like complex shapes, opacity, and reflectivity.
  • Machine learning techniques to allow picking to improve over time.
  • Machine learning software that allow new items to be introduced into your operation with little or no advanced training.

Why Dematic robotic systems?

The focus of the Dematic Robotic Centre of Excellence is to meet these business challenges by developing and implementing integrated robotics solutions. The solutions range from simple robotic pick stations to completely automated systems from receiving to shipping.

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