Automated Shipping Systems

Cost-effective Shipping Systems Facilitate Last Mile Logistics

A successful order fulfilment process requires a balance between hiring, training and retention of workers while also getting orders out the door quickly, accurately and in good condition. If the last mile of your supply chain is reliant on labour-intensive, repetitive tasks, both fulfilment efficiency and employee retention are at risk.

Drive unpredictability out of the last mile by incorporating automation into your outbound processes. Dematic shipping systems create the efficiencies needed from picking orders, to dock delivery, down to trailer loading and transportation.

By automating the outbound processes of your supply chain, you reduce dependency on labour availability and significantly decrease costs associated with manual processes. Dematic software provides real-time visibility, intelligently route inventory for efficient retrieval and directs material to the most optimal shipping locations. 

How do shipping systems work?

Shipping units (cases, totes, bags, or pallets) are conveyed, sorted and sequenced to their designated staging/loading locations. This process requires limited physical labour as fully automated processes track and trace material throughout the operation.

Each order is scanned as it is loaded to ensure accuracy and provide tracking. With Dematic shipping systems, the right products are always on the right load, at the right door and in the right sequence.

Confirmed systematically, orders are scanned out of the system, thus allowing for virtual data movement from point A to point B. 

Dematic Packing solutions are more than simply preparing items for shipping. Dematic software powers the entire process to improve accuracy, reduce cycle times, use labour efficiently and select the right-size shipping container to minimise transportation costs.

Dematic is as concerned about customer experience as you are, and value-added packing helps build customer loyalty and repeat business. Packaging options include premium packaging, catalogues, promotional offers, discount vouchers, special tags, customised labels, gifts, product samples and thank you cards. 

Turn to Dematic for extensive experience in configuring ergonomic packing workstations across a wide range of industry and market sectors. Integration options include automated carton formers, auto bagging, automatic packing slip print and inset, void fill and carton sealing systems, shipping label print and apply, carton strapping and inline check weighing systems.

How packing works

  1. Totes or cartons of picked items are routed through inline check weighing to ensure order accuracy and minimise potential for costly errors that require returns processing.
  2. Totes or cartons are routed to packing stations.
  3. Totes requiring manual packing are directed to ergonomic packing stations where operators verify each item while they pack them into right-size shipping containers.
  4. Packing station options: Packing lists are printed and shipping labels are applied to shipping containers. For high volume requirements, automated packing lines print and insert packing lists, fill voids, tape and apply shipping labels to shipping containers.
Dematic products for packing

Workstation Systems
Cost-effective and ergonomic workstations for receiving and decanting operations.

Dematic software optimises labour, equipment and processes, unifying all operational, maintenance and equipment data within and across facilities.

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What are the benefits of Dematic shipping systems?

Whether you’re shipping full pallets or high volumes of smaller parcels, Dematic shipping systems provide the advanced sortation, sequencing and loading options that you need. Managed by Dematic software, these solutions:

  • Deliver near perfect order accuracy and real-time information for rapid manifesting.
  • Reduce loading times by as much as 300%.
  • Arrange reverse sequence staging and loading to create the most efficient delivery (pallet shipping).
  • Reduce cycle times by using labour efficiently.

Dematic software seamlessly connects your operation to your transportation network. It offers different levels of sequencing to eliminate challenges like back-loading so that multi-stop deliveries are completed with accuracy and speed.

Reliability increases, error rates go down and problems are identified and addressed before orders are shipped. All outbound orders are verified and checked with advanced sortation, sequencing and loading options. 

Why Dematic shipping systems?

Dematic shipping systems significantly improve delivery accuracy. No one understands this differentiator better than Dematic, and that’s why we take a holistic approach to every project. With Dematic, your business can compete locally, retain customer loyalty and ship with speed and accuracy on a global scale.

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