Tropical Cheese, USA

Tropical Cheese Industries in Perth Amboy, New Jersey is a leading producer and distributor of Latino-targeted dairy products in the United States.

The company makes fresh cheeses and dairy products, just like the products that their customers remember enjoying in their native countries. The cheeses, yogurts, and dairy drinks are the favorite of so many Hispanic households because of the attention to detail and authenticity. Tropical Cheese provides direct-to-store delivery for grocery retailers, restaurants, delis, and institutional food service companies located along the east coast of the United States. 

The Challenges 

Case picking was previously performed by building route & stop pallets, one at a time using a paper list. Supervisors did not have visibility into order accuracy or time to complete. The order picking staff was experiencing ergonomic issues and worker compensation claims were increasing. 

The operation was experiencing material flow congestion in the aisles with multiple pallet trucks maneuvering in the tight warehouse aisles. The order assembly process was becoming increasingly complex; potential for errors was on the rise. 

Furthermore, company growth was driving the need for additional distribution capacity. Process improvement was required. 

Our Solution 

The company implemented a new order fulfillment system that efficiently accommodates direct-to-store delivery. Customer orders consist of mixed case pallets. 

Most often, multiple orders are stacked on a pallet based on logistics rules such as “heavy on bottom, crushable on top” as well as by route and stop sequence. 

The automated system consists of a three-level case pick to conveyor module in a temperature-controlled environment (a cooler at 34°F). 

The conveyor in the pick module connects to a sorter sub-system in the outbound shipping area where the cases are palletized.

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