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The 32,000 sqm DC has 15,600 sqm of automation equipment, which picks, processes and packs up to 375,000 items per day, reducing delivery times from days to hours.

Commenting on the project, Toll Global Logistics President, Chris Pearce, said today’s market is placing aggressive demands on retailers to provide fast order fulfilment and delivery, without increasing costs.

“Toll’s investment in the new facility is helping our customers adapt to the new retail environment. The facility is equipped with advanced automation technology so retailers can deliver their eCommerce orders faster, and in a much more economical way,” said Mr Pearce.

“Retailers will benefit from the ability to deliver goods to their stores and direct to customers faster and more cost-effectively. And shoppers will enjoy flexible order times and faster order processing, receiving their purchases within hours, not days.”

Click here to download the full Toll Advanced Retail & eCommerce Fulfilment Centre case study

Fashion retail DC

The facility was constructed in collaboration with a major apparel retailer as the anchor tenant. Toll, Dematic and the client collaborated to design the facility with scalability and future growth in mind.

Toll is constantly looking to improve the omni-channel experience for customers.This includes offering faster and more convenient delivery options for online and ‘click and collect’ orders.

The new DC offers complete omni-channel capability to help retailers adapt to the changing needs of customers and operates as a shared, multi-user facility.

Safety and environmental initiatives include a 70% reduction in manual handling, packaging optimisation and recycling, LED lighting and rain water harvesting.

The site is ideally positioned on the corner of the M5 and M7 enabling convenient transport links for NSW and interstate deliveries.

The DC commenced operations in December 2017.

Toll transitioned customers through that peak period, and was fully live by the end of January, ahead of schedule.

Click here to download the full Toll Advanced Retail & eCommerce Fulfilment Centre case study

Toll Prestons Advanced Retail & eCommerce Fulfilment Centre System Features and Benefits

  • Facility caters for click and collect, online, and retail orders
  • 95-98% of volume handled by automated system
  • 362 Dematic Multishuttles work to deliver product totes to pickers at very high rates, and used to buffer completed orders before despatch
  • Split-case orders are picked at 24 Dematic RapidPick GTP stations, which provide ultra-high throughput and intuitive, ergonomic operation
  • Sequencing ability able to deliver to store with products in specified order for ease of stock handling
  • Fleet of 10 Dematic AGVs handle repetitive tasks of moving stock between processes, reducing labour requirements and increasing site safety
  • Invoices automatically inserted and the orders are automatically packed, whether into satchels for online orders, or cartons destined for stores
  • Carton-optimising machines reduce the final size of cartons to be shipped, meaning Toll no longer transports air
  • Despatch sorter ensures shipping accuracy, with as few touches as possible
  • Increased order accuracy helps reduce returns coming back into the facility
  • The facility has been designed to handle 170,000 units per day, is scalable to cater for seasonality and growth, and to provide high flexibility needed in a 3PL
  • Automated system able to handle products from multiple customers, whether apparel retailers or other types of products
  • Dematic WCS caters for every process in the facility
  • High degree of employee engagement.

Toll Group

Toll Group operates an extensive global logistics network across 1,200 locations in more than 50 countries. 43,000 employees provide a diverse range of transport and logistics solutions covering road, air, sea and rail to help customers meet their global supply chain needs.

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