Store Friendly Sequencing

Store-friendly-sequencing holds the potential to boost sales and reduce in-store costs on the high street. But how do you step-up the pace in the warehouse without having to rebuild it?

As online competition escalates, retailers are under growing pressure to maximise the value and performance of their high-street estates. To do so, many are adopting the practice of store-friendly-sequencing to free-up stockrooms for the more profitable purpose of displaying an increased range of goods – boosting sales and increasing profitability. 

An additional benefit of the technique is the time saved by staff when replenishing shelves and racks, as mixed goods arrive pre-stacked in shelf sequence according to store plans, allowing greater attention to be given to helping customers

Originally developed by the grocery sector, the practice is now becoming more widely adopted by department stores and fashion chains – making in-store operational efficiency the new battleground for retailers. Who needs a stockroom when pallets and roll-cages arrive stacked with goods stripped of outer packaging and all sequenced in shelf order? 

However, there are a number of critical issues to address. Achieving in-store efficiency requires careful preparation of loads in the distribution centre – and that takes a well-ordered sequence of operations.

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