Simons, Canada

Simons is a unique and inspiring fashion retailer based in Quebec, Canada. Simons is known for offering the most sought after styles and looks from the world’s design capitals and providing a level of service available nowhere else.

Simons is driven by a simple principle: to strive each day to build strong and loyal relationships with its customers by offering a unique selection of quality merchandise and unsurpassed service. The retail stores are located throughout Canada. The e-commerce direct channel offers the high quality shopping experience to customers in Canada and the United States.

The Challenges 

The e-commerce order fulfilment operation at Simons was limited in order processing capacity during seasonal peak periods. Furthermore, a process improvement was needed to increase order processing speed and labour productivity. 

Finally, a method to assure extreme order accuracy was required to support the image of the Simons brand. 

Our Solution 

To effectively accommodate the fulfilment of e-commerce orders, Simons implemented a Batch Pick to Put Wall System. It is based on an industrial engineering strategy that de-constructs and re-constructs orders to create an ultra-efficient order fulfilment process. 

The solution serves as a batch pick and consolidation method that brings high productivity, order accuracy, speed, and efficiency to order fulfilment. The solution combines order lines from multiple orders and creates high-density, efficient picking throughout the warehouse. 

The process is based on a configuration that arranges the warehouse into picking zones. Each picking zone supports a specific SKU category, typically by velocity, family group, or cube space utilization.

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