Siemens, Germany

Dematic Multishuttle, the flexible container compact warehouse from Dematic, provides fully-automated production supply in the Siemens electronics manufacturing plant in Amberg.

A sophisticated solution concept with a restructured material flow in an existing building, results in an availability of almost 100 percent, 25 percent more production area and a marked increase in productivity.

The Task

The Siemens electronics manufacturing plant in Amberg is converting its production supply to a fully-automated process. The contract for project planning and execution as general contractor, was awarded to the Dematic GmbH company. 

More than 50,000 electronic control devices are manufactured on the fully-automated, production lines equipped with high-precision robots at the Siemens electronics manufacturing plant. The plant plays a leading role in process planning right across the entire Group. Now the processes are to be fully automated, from goods receiving to production. "In addition to this, restructuring of the internal logistics should also help us to achieve greater productivity per unit of area," explained Schönthaler. 

Retrofitting was conducted in an existing building structure, which had major structural limitations. Together with Dematic, an integral complete solution was created for fully-automated storage and production supply. The basis for this is the flexibility of the Dematic Multishuttle. In contrast to conventional automated component warehouse solutions, the compact warehouse is not restricted to rectangular clearances and layout. Its modular design and the variation in individual channel or path lengths enable it to be adapted to any given structure – in the Siemens electronics manufacturing plant this is even possible over several building levels.

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