Servicio Móvil, Spain

Servicio Móvil chose Dematic for the implementation of an integrated system in their main warehouse in Galicia because of Dematic's technological reliability and high quality technical support. This warehouse provides services to all the Sergas’ (Galician Health Service) hospitals and health centers.

Sergas’ requirements 

In the contract between Servicio Móvil and Sergas, the company agreed to fulfill certain levels and capacities concerning storage, response times and activity volumes for the provision of hospital supplies for the next 10 years. To achieve this, Dematic designed a logistics platform based on its Multishuttle concept, a scalable, modular and compact system. 

In the words of Manuel Muñoz, Director General of Dematicin Spain, “this was the first Multishuttle system installed in Spain, allowing us to demonstrate our system’s qualities, the operative savings it allows, as well as the increase of efficiency in the provision of goods, in this case hospital supplies.” 

Dematic’s technical solution includes a Multishuttle Captive system with 2 aisles of 23 levels, a shelf with a capacity for 22.000 containers with a double-depth configuration and a height of 12 meters, 2 high-rate picking stations, a system of BK10 transporters to connect the facility’s different modules, and a software system to manage the automatic installation. 


Some of the noteworthy benefits of the installation are decreased human error, increased speed in preparation of orders, greater control of materials handling, improvements in billing procedures, an optimization of all incoming and outgoing products and more detailed handling information, in addition to reduced labor necessary for materials handling, and a decrease in the costs of logistics. All of this has allowed Servicio Móvil to offer their customers a better service. 

Servicio Móvil’s warehouse carries out an average of over 500 daily orders, with 7.000 daily order lines, and approximately 35.000 units of more than 4.000 different articles. 

According to Manuel Muñoz, Director General of Dematic in Spain, “the return on the investment in a project of this kind is achieved in 3 or 4 years. The approximate implementation and production launch time was about 8 months.” 

The centralization of the logistics services to hospitals and health centers will allow Galicians to save over 20 million euros per year, according to the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. 

The success of this project to centralize the logistics services will serve as an example for other Autonomous Regions in Spain. 

Technical support

Once the implementation and launch stage was accomplished, Servicio Móvil hired a preventive maintenance service through Dematic with an on-call system and a hotline which solves any problems via remote services. In addition, Dematic provided the necessary training so that the professionals who would be working with this system would be able to do so from the beginning without any problems.

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