MillerCoors, USA

The MillerCoors Trenton, Ohio Brewery is one of their newest and most modern breweries. Located between Cincinnati and Dayton, the facility is the largest brewery in Ohio. It was the second warehouse MillerCoors selected to automate, improving service to the central part of the United States.

The challenge: Improve operational efficiency and decrease costs

MillerCoors wanted to continue to improve their warehouse operations to better serve their distributors, improve operational efficiency and decrease costs within the warehouse. 

The solution: an integrated AGV, ASRS and conveyor system

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) either pick up double pallets from palletizers and deliver them to floor storage or the automated storage and retrieval system -- or the pallets are cross-docked directly to the rail or truck docks. Pallets are staged at the truck docks in load sequence to further improve the loading process. 

Deep lane floor storage is used for fast moving items, while the AS/RS is used primarily for storing the other 300 SKUs and single pallet items that MillerCoors brews. The AGV system can also be directed to take pallets to a rework area if any pallets are misaligned or are short of product. Finished goods pallets are not handled manually until they are picked up from the shipping area located only a few feet from the docks. 

General construction

Dematic’s construction management team selected and managed sub-contractors to complete this 110 foot tall facility. The scope of the construction covered excavation, foundation, siding, roofing, electrical, heating, ventilation and included modification to the existing warehouse to interface to the AS/RS. 

The results

Dematic’s system improved inventory availability, increased truck loading efficiency and volume, and improved inventory accuracy while decreasing operational costs.

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