Merit Medical, Germany

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of medical devices used in diagnostic and interventional cardiology and in radiology procedures.

Successful products and growing sales presented the company with challenges at its manufacturing facility in Utah. Merit worked together with Dematic to develop an automated kitting solution that meets their specialized needs. 

The Challenges

As a high-tech manufacturer, Merit was already very familiar with the advantages of automation. Its production facility in Utah uses highly automated injection molding machines to manufacture medical device components.  

In fact, it was the increasing efficiency of the automated manufacturing that was creating challenges further down the line in the assembly process. Assembly was inefficient. Significant time was required to gather components, resulting in inventory control issues.  

Merit realized that the process required improvement. They would need help to achieve increased production rates.

Our Solution

To accommodate the increased production and future growth, Merit decided to expand its facility by adding a new final assembly area next to its existing production building. 

Merit implemented a kitting solution supported by a Dematic Multishuttle® sub-system. The Multishuttle maximizes the use of space and provides controlled access to inventory. Dematic worked with Merit to optimize buffer and workstation processes. 

The solution begins as manufactured product is transported in plastic inventory totes from the production area and into the assembly area on a one-way overhead conveyor.

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