ES3, LLC is an independent company whose business strategy is to provide highly efficient and flexible storage for food manufacturers. Additionally, they provide uniquely dependable sequenced full and mixed pallets of finished goods to retailers.

The challenge: double system throughput capability

ES3, LLC’s  system in York, Pennsylvania had reached maximum capacity and they needed to more than double their system’s throughput capability.

The solution: Design Build partnership

Dematic worked with ES3, LLC in a Design Build partnership to custom design a solution to meet their operational requirements. Palletized cases are unloaded by forklifts at 48 receiving dock doors, identified via truck mounted RF scanners, and delivered to 1 of 10 conveyorized receiving stations. Loads are then profiled and weight-checked as they are transported on the pallet conveyor system and stored in the triple-deep AS/RS determined by product attributes. Loads are shipped out of the AS/RS as full or picked pallets. Full pallets are delivered via a pallet conveyor system to 10 shipping stations at 24 shipping dock doors, and loaded onto trailers by forklift trucks.

Order picking takes place in 34 pick tunnels located between adjacent AS/RS aisles. Picked pallets are transported on customized dual pallet “Walkie Riders” to the shipping dock. There they are consolidated and loaded onto trailers by forklift trucks. Replenishment of pick-from pallets is accomplished via adjacent Storage and Retrieval Machines (SRMs).

The results

The ES3, LLC warehouse is designed to receive 700 pallets per hour on standard 40" x 48" GMA/CHEP pallets with anticipated weekly shipments of 5.3 million cases. The system is operational 20 hours per day, 6 days a week with full redundancy.

The system receives pallets as they are delivered at the receiving dock doors and identifies and stores them in the automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) via a multi-level high throughput conveyor network. It then delivers pallets to the shipping dock doors where they are loaded onto trailers or to pick tunnel locations where case picked pallets are built.

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