Erhardt & Fischer, Germany

Dematic’s powerful Warehouse Management System (WMS), DC Director, and a Pick-by-Voice application for order picking form the basis of a new order fulfillment system for German paper and IT products distributor Erhardt & Fischer, doubling the throughput and reducing picking errors to less than 0.1 percent.

Following a merger in 2010, E&F required a new distribution center, and enlisted the help of Dematic to develop an intelligent and cost-effective order fulfillment solution. Associated with the merger: the combination of warehouse activities and the master and product data.

The Task  

Rapid Return on Investment with increased productivity, flexibility and delivery quality at the same time. For the company’s new distribution center an intelligent solution within the following conditions was desired: 

  • comparatively low budget 
  • tight time schedule 
  • rapid ROI 
  • increase of productivity, flexibility and delivery quality  

Dematic Offenbach was rewarded with the contract with its innovative approach: a continuous concept for voice guided multi-order picking in combination with a powerful WMS DC Director.

The Result  

More than 10,000 stock and customer items are provided in the distribution centre of Erhardt & Fischer. For this reason the distribution center is divided into four storage areas according to different article size, weight and turnaround times: 

  • 63 shelves for the majority of articles 
  • 1,000 storage locations in the pallet warehouse for approx. 6 percent bulky items 
  • An area for layer and full pallet picking and replenishment 
  • A fast mover area

In addition, five packing work places were created in front of dispatch area of the distribution center.

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