Deutsche Post, Germany

Dematic modernizes the conveyor and control technology in the 16 biggest Deutsche Post AG postal sorting centers to state-of-the-art status by 2012. The planning skills and security of investment that Dematic offers for long-term cooperation were decisive for the awarding of the contract. 

The Task

Optimum coordination of the technologies forms the foundation for success in large projects. The more complex and long-term the assignment, the greater the planning and fine-tuning expertise required. This applies in particular if the implementation has to take place at several sites, during ongoing operation and without an adverse impact on processes. Deutsche Post AG (DPAG) commissioned Dematic’s specialists to convert and modernize its 16 biggest postal sorting centers in Germany. "With Dematic we have banked on a multi-annual implementation partner that has the required planning and system competence", explains Gerhard Stönner from the DPAG technology department at the Bonn corporate headquarters. "A complex project of this type where different implementation phases have to be coordinated with precise timing in parallel at different sites over several years demands a high degree of security of investment and flexibility from the project partner."  

Dematic will bring the conveyor and control technology in the 16 biggest postal sorting centers to state-of-the-art status during ongoing operation by mid 2012. The nationwide project is being realized simultaneously in several postal sorting centers in parallel in two implementation phases. In addition to coordination with several suppliers, modernization of the conveyor technology and the delivery and installation of 16 new, sound-proofed portal robots to automatically unload container vehicles Dematic is replacing a total of 180 programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and the corresponding material flow calculators and is optimizing the drive concepts for the existing sorters in this sophisticated order.

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