Coca-Cola Amatil, Australia

Coca-Cola Amatil is achieving record-breaking productivity rates of more than 1400 picks/hour at its new Eastern Creek DC thanks to a world-first order picking methodology developed by logistics systems supplier Dematic.


The Dematic Solution 

The new Negative-PUT process at Coca-Cola Amatil optimizes case picking productivity by pairing suitable orders and fulfilling them through a high rate, integrated goods to person pick module. 

Dematic’s Industry Logistics Manager, David Rubie, said the Negative-PUT process takes advantage of a practice sometimes used by experienced pickers to reduce their workload. 

"Smart pickers will occasionally notice that among the orders they have there are a couple with which they can kill two birds with one stone, or, in this case, complete two orders with one pick," said Mr Rubie.

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