Bigler, Switzerland

Incorporating an expandable Dematic Multishuttle® solution in the system design has provided future-proof and highly dynamic processes for picking individual order items at Swiss meat and sausage manufacturer Bigler AG.

The Dematic Solution

The Dematic solution is based on the goods-to-person order picking principle and uses a 4-aisle Dematic Multishuttle storage system with eight levels to provide more than 7,800 tote storage locations for double-depth storage of standard euro packs. A total of 32 shuttles are used for inward and outward storage movements. Other system design components from Dematic include: a feed conveyor from production, two circular conveyor routes fed by vertical lifts, and integrated order picking workstations.

The Swiss company, which was founded in 1946, boasts a long history and is headquartered in Büren an der Aare. It is also one of the leading meat processing companies in the Alpine region. Continued growth led to the ongoing expansion and extension of operative systems at the company’s main site in 2008. A new extension to the buildings was completed within a year. Dematic are taking the leading role in the intralogistics concept.

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