Bare Escentuals, USA

Bare Escentuals is a cosmetic company that is built around the idea that makeup can actually be considered skin care.

The challenge

Bare Escentuals once filled orders for spas and retail store boutiques using paper pick lists and carts. Carts were pushed through the warehouse by operators, one discrete order at a time.

Each operator picked about 85 pieces per hour, not including packing. A dedicated team was used for packing the orders at a rate of approximately 110 pieces per hour, per operator. When peak season occurred, order fulfillment time became extended and the company had to pay for expedited shipping service to meet promised delivery dates.

To improve this warehouse logistics configuration that serves 200 retail store boutiques and 1400 spas, Bare Escentuals implemented an all new process for picking split case items.

Our solution

The centerpiece of the picking solution consists of a light directed order fulfillment system integrated with a zone route conveyor network.

Today, Dematic PickDirector WCS software manages and directs the entire picking process with efficiency and operational flexibility. Paper pick lists are not required. Operators pick orders using pick-to-light technology. A conveyor system transports the shipping containers (one carton size for all orders) only to zones where there are picks. Operators stay in one zone and do not travel the entire warehouse. As a result, productivity is way up; each operator can pick 500 pieces per hour on average.

The system fills and ships approximately 600 customer orders, about 75,000 pieces, per day. Order accuracy has improved as well, creating a 50% increase. Furthermore, the packing function is provided by the order picker so the pack stations were eliminated from the process.

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