Alloga, Switzerland

As a logistics service provider in healthcare, Alloga is heavily exposed to the increasing cost pressure in the pharmaceuticals sector.

A preliminary study of the company investigated the previous logistics processes:   

  • The processes were not very automated – the existing conveyor technology was not expanded correspondingly when the building was extended
  • The existing warehouse was spacious and not very suited to the increasing trend towards small orders
  • The supply process to the order-picking zones was elaborate and can delay order-picking

 The preliminary study indicated that automation in combination with a warehouse conversion would meet the requirements and be economically worthwhile.

The Dematic Solution

Dematic produced a solution for Alloga via the newly developed dynamic Dematic Multishuttle® system for container management and supply to the two order-picking zones. The item containers are now automatically forwarded to the appropriate workstation together with a customer container. The corresponding item container is retrieved for each order line and transported to a buffer zone in front of the workstation.

The operator can then pull the item containers manually onto scales for order-picking. A display shows the operator the quantity to be removed. Up to four customer containers can be presented open simultaneously. A light indicator on the display shows the operator which customer container to place which item in to.  

The operator then ends the process by pushing the opened item container manually onto the conveyor, which feeds the container back into the warehouse. Customer containers, which have been order-picked ready for transport, are placed on a conveyor to the rear which transports them to the packing positions. The processed orders are placed manually on to pallets or roll containers.

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