Dematic iQ Workflow

Help Your Workforce Work Well

Dematic iQ Optimize Dematic iQ Workflow works with your warehouse software systems and diverse workforce to execute manual business processes through a wide variety of voice and display-based mobile devices. 

It’s an affordable solution and a solid foundation for optimization that boosts labor efficiency and accuracy — and minimizes costs — across all warehouse functions. It’s available in two distinct packages:

  • Mobile Access: Makes mobile-device work easier to perform by guiding operators through their day’s work. It provides task directions, data capture, and information transmittal. 
  • Workflow Solutions: Enables operations to do more with less and optimize process execution to reduce labor demands. In addition to mobile access, it provides manual-labor workflows that increase accuracy and efficiency.

Flexible, Adaptable & Easy to Use

Dematic iQ Workflow removes extraneous informational noise and code to simplify and focus the manual, repetitive activities across all warehouse functions. It makes work easier with intuitive interfaces and natural-language instructions available in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, and French.

Dematic iQ Workflow runs on mobile devices compatible with the Android operating system, which means it can be deployed on industry-specific devices (including Zebra and Honeywell) as well as those from the consumer market. You have the freedom to choose the mode — voice, vision, or a hybrid of both — and the devices that will best improve efficiencies for your operations.

Go Paperless with Dematic iQ Workflow

Paper-based systems leave too much to chance — it can be difficult to know if everyone is on the same page with best practices. Dematic iQ Workflow helps you consistently implement manual, mobile warehouse workflows to achieve shipping commitments with accuracy and efficiency.

Dematic iQ Workflow

Connect Your Warehouse Software to Your Workforce

Affordably increase efficiency, utilization & accuracy

Choose the devices & peripherals that best fit your needs

Avoid expensive, time-consuming updates or customizations to your WMS

Support a diverse workforce & onboard with ease

Reduce deployment time while increasing ROI

Implement the best mobile access & workflow optimization solutions

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Dematic iQ Workflow

Dematic iQ Workflow is a process-execution platform that works with warehouse software systems to allow workers to execute manual business processes through a wide variety of voice and display-based mobile devices.