Dematic iQ Virtual

Validate, Verify, and Visualize Change Before It Happens

Dematic iQ Virtual Dematic iQ Virtual is a simulation and emulation platform that provides a digital environment to safely view software or operational changes without negatively affecting day-to-day operations. 

By virtually exploring the impact of a new system, software update, or rainy-day scenario, you can mitigate risk, maximize uptime, and avoid unnecessary costs in your real-world operation.

Reduce Risk for New Projects

Even the smallest adjustments come with risk. Some risks are not always obvious and don’t become apparent until after installation or go-live — when it’s too late to make easy adjustments and resolution becomes expensive and time consuming. 

Dematic iQ Virtual validates every aspect of a project prior to implementation, from facility layout to software configuration. Using an accurate model of the proposed solution, you can answer the following questions before going live: 

  • Does my system behave as designed? For example, do cases divert as expected or are pickers directed as intended?
  • Does the software integrate seamlessly with my WMS and work to specification? 
  • Does the system respond effectively to disruptions and anomalous behavior? For example, what if a barcode doesn’t scan or several workers are not at work because they are sick? 
  • Does the system handle peak volume days efficiently? 

Support Ongoing Operations

Dematic iQ Virtual is equally valuable for ongoing operations as it is for new installations. With a digital model of your existing software and systems in place, you can accurately assess the impact of equipment changes and software updates without any disruption to your live operations. Be prepared to answer questions like: 

  • How will updates to my WMS impact operations?
  • What will happen when my SKU distribution changes? 
  • What if my peak volume exceeds my forecast? 

Immerse Yourself in the Virtual Reality of Your Solution or Upgrade

Simulations are a critical tool in understanding and validating the potential effect of a change in operations. They’re even more powerful when you can immerse yourself in a three-dimensional virtual-reality model of your system. This virtual reality offers a unique perspective that simply isn’t possible with a flat plan on screen or paper. 

Dematic iQ Virtual uses advanced gaming and 3D graphic-rendering technologies, as well as proprietary physics algorithms, to accurately portray the flow of work through your operation. In addition, Dematic iQ Virtual can connect directly to a host system to create a virtual version of your facility that functions very much like the real thing.

Dematic iQ Virtual

Reveal Your Future

Validate, verify & visualize change prior to go-live

Mitigate risk across your entire facility in an isolated, digital environment

Corroborate software & systems are working to functional specifications

Develop realistic throughput estimates for defined scenarios

Use virtual reality to immerse yourself in the solution or upgrade

Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 Principles

Ensure your facility is tightly integrated. Dematic iQ harnesses the power of IoT to manage equipment and operations data as well as to improve asset reliability by providing actionable intelligence.

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Dematic iQ Virtual

Dematic iQ Virtual is a facility emulation and simulation platform that provides an isolated, digital environment where you can safely explore a solution before going live and assess the impact of software or operational changes and updates without negatively affecting your day-to-day operations.