Dematic InSights

Operations Optimization and Condition Monitoring

Dematic InSights Dematic InSights is a smart, cloud-based Asset Performance Management (APM) platform that unifies all operational, labour, maintenance, and equipment data within and across facilities.

Dematic InSights keeps your warehouse operating at peak performance, maximizes your uptime, and provides actionable intelligence through real-time alerts and analytics.

Dematic InSights collects and compiles data for all of your operational and equipment information systems — as well as manual, semi-automated, and highly automated processes — and gives you access to the data so you can enact an action plan to improve your operations. With operational and equipment data supported from both Dematic and third-party systems, Dematic Insights gives you a wholistic view of your facility, regardless of what systems you are using.

Dematic InSights helps you be more proactive in addressing potential issues before they become truly disruptive to quality or throughput. It’s adaptable to keep your facility operating efficiently through growth and peak season demands and to accommodate new technology as it becomes available.

Dematic InSights provides the kind of capability and control you’d expect from Dematic — one of the world’s leading suppliers of supply chain solutions.


Dematic InSights

A smart analytics and condition monitoring platform, Dematic InSights unifies all operational, maintenance, and equipment data within and across facilities. Dematic InSights helps you keep your facility operating at peak performance, maximizing uptime and throughput.

Manage Your Facility to Peak Performance

Dematic InSights gathers data from multiple operational and maintenance sources within a warehouse — and across a network of facilities — and provides comprehensive, holistic warehouse intelligence through powerful analytics and alerts:

Analytics (Operations Optimization) 

  • View order progress, rates, capacity and cycle times. You can assign process and equipment performance thresholds to color-coded status indicators. Key performance thresholds, layered over the current progress dashboard, offer an at-a-glance view of the day’s operational performance. These key performance thresholds also offer cycle-time estimates for picking, packing, overall order processing. 
  • Track historical-to-current performance and availability. Analytics incorporates data into continuously updated dashboards that highlight operational trends. This helps identify and resolve inefficiencies, such as bottlenecks, excess capacity, material-flow challenges, and other opportunities to improve overall logistics effectiveness.  
  • Pinpoint issues. Analytics can assist in pinpointing the exact location of an issue or interruption so that you can assign the issue to be fixed, track the resolution, and calculate the overall impact of the issue against your daily operational data.

Alerts (Condition Monitoring)

  • Get real-time notifications on equipment and operational performance based on pre-identified thresholds. Alerts notifies users of immediate issues, including downward trends in cycle times, work-stopping equipment failures, and any combination of multiple operational or equipment thresholds. 
  • Identify current and potential problem areas. Alerts lets you assign custom process and equipment performance thresholds by volume, priority, severity, or user role. 
  • Receive real-time equipment notifications via text or email. Help your facility managers stay aware of potential impacts to proactively take appropriate actions. 

Choose the platforms that meet your business needs: Alerts, Analytics, or both. Additional data sources from Dematic or other providers can also be added after the initial implementation.

Better understand your operations

  • Quickly identify problems and understand root causes with powerful, easy-to-use visualizations
  • See the big picture across your entire operation with data from disparate systems in one place
  • Find trends across days, weeks and years

Achieve your business objectives

  • Enhance productivity by identify trending cause-and-effect scenarios
  • Make smart decisions backed by data
  • Strategically plan for potential outcomes
  • Validate whether operational changes produced anticipated benefits

Manage risk across one or many sites

  • Diagnostic and root-cause analytics using standard connections to existing systems
  • Single-site or enterprise, multi-site visibility
  • Eliminate silos across operations, order fulfillment, maintenance and corporate teams

Minimize unplanned downtime

  • Reduce the time to respond and repair with advanced KPI alert monitoring
  • Intelligent fault history highlights trouble spots needing attention, in some cases before failure

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • SaaS cloud flexibility, lightweight onsite footprint
  • Standard connections to existing software systems, devices and equipment
  • Automatic updates
  • 24/7 standby support included with every subscription

Overall Logistics Effectiveness (OLE)

Understand It. Measure It. Grow It

By understanding the aspects of logistics effectiveness within your facility, you can benchmark productivity, identify opportunities for improvement, and remove waste.

  • Availability: The impact of interruptions to planned operations 
  • Performance: The overall process speed, labour productivity, and equipment utilisation of your operation compared to top capacity 
  • Quality: The frequency of inaccuracies in inventory or order fulfilment 
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