Workstation Systems

High-Speed, High-Volume Designs for Worker Efficiency

Even in highly automated applications, Dematic Workstation Systems provide important connecting points where workers put, pick, pack, decant, and transfer materials between various types of containers. Ergonomic designs make this process simpler and more comfortable, maintaining peak worker efficiency for entire shifts.

Dematic Workstation Systems are ideal for fast and accurate processing of large volumes of small to medium-sized items. Powered by sophisticated controls and Dematic iQ Software, these systems use voice, light, or screen directions to provide intuitive instructions to maintain rapid throughput with a high degree of accuracy.

Benefits of Dematic Workstation Systems

  • Allows workers to stage and transfer items with ultra-high pick efficiency
  • Adjusts to workers of all sizes to maximize worker comfort 
  • Minimizes lifting and pushes to ensure worker safety 
  • Provides controlled access to guarantee inventory accuracy 
  • Integrates seamlessly with automated equipment
Workstation Systems

Workstations for All Types of Order Fulfillment

Dematic produces several different types of workstation (standard and custom) all designed for safe, efficient material transfer. They are often used in combination with voice, light, or screen instructions generated by Dematic iQ, our warehouse execution system (WES) software.

As an example, the pick stations for Dematic Goods-to-Person systems direct workers by an information display and by light-directed picking, showing the expected item and quantity required for each order.

Integrated weigh scales at the pick locations check expected weights to ensure accuracy and to identify and correct errors immediately.


Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment

The Dematic Goods-to-Person Piece Pick Solution is designed to support your omni-channel strategy by optimizing e-fulfillment, retail store replenishment, and wholesale B2B order fulfillment.

System Types

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Case Study

Big W

The Challenge:
BIG W’s integrated logistics solution for its new Hoxton Park DC in Sydney includes the most sophisticated array of materials handling and order fulfillment technologies, systems and software commissioned to date in Australia.

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