Workstation Systems

High-speed, high-volume designs for worker efficiency

The need to fulfil orders faster and more accurately is driving fulfilment centres and kitting operations to implement efficient, flexible, modular, ergonomic, and scalable goods-to-person workstations. The “put to order” goods-to-person method allows items, pieces, and parts to be presented to a worker or robot for consolidation into an order or kit. 

Workstations dedicated to specific workflows: decanting, picking, packing

Dematic workstations ensure a smooth workflow and help your warehouse operate more efficiently. Designed to accommodate specific tasks — decanting, picking, or packing — workstations also help improve ergonomics and support operational flexibility. 

The Dematic Warehouse Execution System (WES) software manages and synchronises the inbound process of decanting and put-away. The decanting process includes the repackaging of orders into plastic totes to facilitate automated storage to support inventory and picking accuracy. 

  • High Utilisation: Activity at the workstation is managed by the WES to enable optimised performance.
  • Accuracy: Workstation activity accuracy increases because operators are typically handling one specialised task or one SKU at a time, which reduces the potential for errors.
  • Ergonomics: Workstations are designed for employee comfort and safety.
  • Less processing time: Workstations are designed to allow high worker productivity.
  • Decoupled: Operators can work in parallel, unaffected by each other.
  • Eliminates travel time and use less labour: Operators don’t have to roam the warehouse, walking to and from the stored inventory.
  • Eliminates dedicated pick faces: Removes the need for SKU slotting and re-slotting.
  • Reduces system footprint: The space required for an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) and workstations is less than conventional “person-to-goods” methods that don’t use workstations.
  • Provides product security: When inventory is stored a high density AS/RS, the goods are secure and only available to the appropriate operators at the workstations.
  • Operators work in parallel at multiple picking stations and at their own pace.
  • Pick stations can be opened and closed based on shift volumes.
  • Single item orders and multiple item orders are accommodated with equal efficiency.
  • Workstations accommodate totes and cartons of different sizes and facilitates picking directly into the shipping container.
  • Instructions provided from workstation flat screen
  • On-demand, continuous flow processing
  • Synchronised inventory arrival at workstation
  • Coordinated activity at multiple workstations
  • Sustained continuous flow
  • Simultaneous multiple workflow tasks 
  • Discrete order picking
  • E-commerce/customer direct fulfilment
  • Replenish retail stores
  • Wholesale B2B fulfilment
  • Manage one to 75 units per order
  • Piece pick to shipping container
  • Piece pick to tote, then to packing
  • Case picking to pallet

Benefits of Dematic workstation systems

Dematic Workstation Systems are ideal for fast and accurate processing of large volumes of small to medium-sized items. Powered by sophisticated controls and Dematic Software, these systems use voice, light, or screen directions to provide intuitive instructions to maintain rapid throughput with a high degree of accuracy.

An operational-based design approach — engineer sorting solutions focused on operational excellence

  • Solution development — non-biased, data driven; simulation/emulation tools assure best performance
  • Best practice sharing — between Dematic global engineering teams creates world-class solutions
  • Configuration software — speeds/optimises sorting system solution development through implementation processes

Dematic GTP Overview: How Goods-to-Person Piece Picking Works

Dematic Goods-to-Person Piece Picking is designed to support your omni-channel strategy by optimising e-fulfilment, retail store replenishment, and wholesale B2B order fulfilment.

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Why Dematic workstations?

Modular, flexible, and scalable, Dematic Workstations for order fulfilment can be configured to your company’s specific needs. They’ll help you optimise your supply chain, increase throughput, and adjust to your operation’s changing volumes and product mix.

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