Dematic Expands Logistic Centre of Blum

November 23, 2021

HEUSENSTAMM, Germany / POZNAN, Poland - Dematic is expanding a logistics centre near the city Poznan, Poland for Julius Blum GmbH, the Austrian manufacturer and distributor of furniture fittings. The upgrade will include a new, fully automated high-bay warehouse with eight storage and retrieval machines to ensure the efficient handling of pallets. Additional components include heavy unit load BK25 conveyors as well as chain and multi-level conveyors that will connect existing storage areas with the high-bay warehouse. With the system, Blum is increasing its storage capacities and raising the level of automation at the site. Completion and go-live of the system are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023.

"Dematic convinced us with their complete package of intralogistics know-how, technical quality, and personal support. The solution consists of standard components that have already proven to be highly reliable and long-lasting in many other Blum plants worldwide," says Markus Schneider, Group Manager Intralogistics at Julius Blum GmbH.

More than 40 years ago, Dematic built the world's first high-bay warehouse, making it a pioneer in the industry. For the plant in Poznan, Dematic developed a customized automation solution consisting of a new pallet high-bay warehouse served by eight SR-U1200/1 stacker cranes with telescopic forks. In the new storage area, the company stocks components as well as ready-made furniture fitting systems. The stacker cranes have single-wheel drive and are particularly durable. "Thanks to the modular design, the stacker cranes can be tailored exactly to our requirements," says Schneider.

The solution also includes BK25 heavy unit load conveyors, which store and retrieve entire pallets and can transport five different types of loading aids. The conveyor technology package is supplemented by T5 suspension chain conveyors, which ensure horizontal conveying and right-angled infeed and outfeed of pallets or skeleton containers. Six multi-level conveyors act as a connecting element, lifting or lowering the unit loads as required. "The solution guarantees us optimally coordinated processes and a fully automated material flow between the individual storage areas," adds Schneider. The solution will also expand the material flow system and a warehouse management system to automatically merge all relevant data into a single system.

Dematic and Blum already have a long and successful partnership. Dematic's predecessor company, Mannesmann Demag, supplied Blum with customized warehouse technology in 1986. " Dematic's solutions and the cooperation have proven their worth," says Schneider. Blum has partnered with Dematic at several other locations – for example, at several plants in Austria, at a central warehouse in Canada, and at a production warehouse in the USA. Automation components include operation and control software, storage and retrieval machines, conveyor technology, and picking stations. "Long-term cooperation, direct contact with key people and standards help to implement common projects quickly, reliably, and efficiently," Schneider sums up.

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