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Dematic Recognized for Software and ASRS Technology

February 22, 2022

Dematic, a leader in intelligent automation, was recently named the winner of two awards: LibraryWorks, 2022 Modern Library Awards and Food Logistics, 2021 Top Software & Technology Providers.

LibraryWorks 2022 Platinum Award Winner

Dematic was named a 2022 platinum award winner by LibraryWorks, a publication dedicated to serving the library community with professional development and decision point research. In their, eighth annual Modern Library Awards, Dematic won for its Automated Library Systems (ALSs), which are special applications of Dematic Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RSs).

Judges of the LibraryWorks award scored the submitted products numerically from 1–10 on a series of questions regarding functionality, value, customer service, and more. As a platinum winner, Dematic scored between 8.5–10.0 in all categories considered.

"Our systems help facilitate some of the world's greatest book collections," said Todd Hunter, Sr. Account Executive, Enterprise Solutions. "To preserve library collections, an ALS can operate in a controlled environment that has the proper humidity and temperature and is free of dust and other contaminants, helping to keep books in pristine condition while also making them accessible to students and researchers alike."

The Dematic solutions use a unique integrated software control system that provides fully automated collection management. Additionally, ALSs features high-density storage, rapid access with minimum labor, and peak efficiency and accuracy.

Examples of the Dematic ALS systems can be found at The University of Chicago, University of Utah, University of Central Florida, and Temple University.

“It is a great honor to have received these two awards and have our software and solution offerings be recognized. As we continue to power the future of commerce, it is exciting to see how automation and software are helping to better the world and support our customers.”

Mike Larsson, EVP, Americas

Food Logistics 2021 Top Software & Technology Provider

Dematic was named a 2021 Top Software & Technology Provider award winner by Food Logistics, a trade publication dedicated to covering the food and beverage supply chain. The award honored software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient, and reliable cold food and beverage supply chain.

Dematic's Mixed Case Fulfillment solution was chosen for its virtually "lights out" operation in helping to overcome some of the industry's biggest challenges such as labor shortages, demand and capacity fluctuations, e-commerce growth, and meeting sustainability goals.

Aiding the win, Dematic subject expert Tom Swovick, Market Development Manager, Dematic, noted the following within the award submission, "Dematic systems provide the ability to leverage world-class automation and technology that's been developed with cross-industry expertise. With Dematic, you get the reliability, efficiency, speed, and insights you need to reduce cycle times and ship faster without sacrificing order accuracy or operational agility. Our teams support your journey to automation from day one, ensuring your systems and software operate at peak performance to deliver on your business goals."

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