Reduce Your Company’s Environmental Footprint

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In this day and age, sustainability is the name of the game. Everyone — regardless of their companies’ sizes and sectors — is striving to implement as many green initiatives within their organizations as possible.

After all, climate change is one of the most discussed topics on the planet, and a significant influencer in many aspects of our lives, from politics and media, to transportation and supply chains.

The efficiency of AutoStore automated storage system has been well discussed in the past. A runtime of 99.6%. Space utilization. Great speed and precision.

But what about sustainability? Just how environmentally friendly is AutoStore automated storage system?

And what exactly is AutoStore doing to help you diminish your company’s environmental footprint?

Save energy, increase profits

Unfortunately, automated warehouses are perceived as consumers of high amounts of power. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, AutoStore controllers, ports and robots utilize very little power — much less than many household electronics. They don’t even need lights to operate, and they can work throughout the night!

Not to mention, AutoStore robots can recharge themselves at the proper time (which eliminates all unnecessary charging). And they have regenerative energy functions, which returns power back to their batteries whenever they decrease their speeds or lower bins. Essentially, they operate on the same principles as electric cars.

As a result, one controller, one port and 10 robots (for example) will use the same amount of power as a vacuum cleaner.

Your solution for minimizing your company’s environmental footprint — while also increasing productivity and, in turn, profits — is here!

No need for much heat or light

Since AutoStore robots recharge themselves whenever they need power and since they work literally 24/7 without draining your company’s energy resources, they’re a perfect choice for your company as you seek to enhance your sustainability initiatives.

There’s no need for lights. Ceiling lights can, in fact, be turned off entirely, as the robots will continue to operate effectively in complete darkness.

There’s no requirement for much heat (or cooling, for that matter, either) to operate. Therefore, your warehouse’s air will be much cleaner, and your heating resources will no longer be expended for automated storage system operations. All you need to control is your warehouse’s humidity, period.

And since AutoStore robots don’t need lights to operate, your warehouse’s automated storage system can be powered entirely through solar energy. You don’t need to be based in a location that has a lot of sunlight either — AutoStore robots can run on as little as 100 watts of energy an hour, on average.

Your partner for sustainability

Aside from conserving your warehouse’s energy, AutoStore also enables you to utilize its products long-term. All modules (bins, controllers, grids, ports and robots) are high quality. Every bin is comprised of plastic that will endure for years and years to come. And if they have broken parts, each controller, grid, port and robot will be serviced first, rather than replaced.

Consequently, you don’t have to worry about replacing your bins, controllers, grids, ports or robots. They’re built to last! Some modules from the first year of business (2005) are still in use, proving the company’s dedication to sustainability.

Due to each of its initiatives — no requirement of lights to operate, recharging mechanisms, regenerative energy functions and a mantra of service first, rather than parts replacement — AutoStore received the Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Award in 2018 and 2019.

The annual award recognizes companies that strive to ensure sustainability is a core part of their supply chain strategies, while also helping their customers achieve their own sustainability goals. The bottom line? AutoStore is here to help you reduce your company’s environmental footprint well into the future.

Now is the time to begin utilizing AutoStore modules at your warehouse, so that you’ll notice nearly immediate results as you contribute to sustaining our planet.

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