• On-Demand Webinar
  • 21 minutes
  • English

How Boohoo.com Makes Global E-commerce Distribution Easy with Dematic WMS

What will you learn?

Learn how global online retailer, Boohoo, is successfully meeting online distribution targets every day. Retailers know that e-commerce is a challenging market. Every business must have an online presence to remain competitive - making it profitable has proven to be a challenge when balancing high return rates, SKU proliferation, seasonal fluctuations, and overall customer demand.

Boohoo’s online presence is growing rapidly, business is expanding and highly profitable. Learn how they are leveraging Dematic WMS (Warehouse Management System) and growing the partnership to achieve greater success in 2024 and beyond.

By participating, you can look forward to learning how to:

  • Enhance your order fulfillment accuracy and speed
  • Gain greater control and visibility over your inventory
  • Identify a provider that understands your business and works with you
  • Improve productivity and employee engagement with user-friendly software

Duration: 21 minutes   language: English

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