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Solutions Expertise

Creating Solutions That Optimize Performance and Flexibility

At Dematic we believe in a collaborative approach to developing a solution that will meet your precise needs.

With our knowledge and experience in your industry and our portfolio of world class solutions, we work closely with you to thoroughly understand your business, your strategy, and your constraints in order to create the ideal system for you.

The design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of an automated logistics system requires a team of professionals with many years of industry experience and know-how.

With global resources, and local or regionally based staff, Dematic can implement systems large and small, focused on delivering superior ROI, customer benefits and the flexibility to change over time. 

Dematic Design and Implementation Competencies

Consulting and Analysis

The Dematic team of experienced consultants and analysts provide deep insight into business operations analyzing peak, average, and off-season performance. The data collected is used to design better storage, buffering, sequencing, picking, and sorting strategies. Dematic consulting services range from full system design to operational audits for ongoing system optimization. 


Computer simulation is a key tool in the design and engineering of complex material handling systems. It is particularly useful for identifying potential bottlenecks and testing alternatives before making a final commitment. Our simulation experts ensure planned solutions perform to requirements.
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Mechanical & Structural Engineering 

Reliability and quality are hallmarks of our mechanical and structural engineering teams. Dematic engineers set best practice benchmarks for the materials handling industry
through research & development, design & estimating, equipment selection, manufacturing standards, and system implementation. 

Controls Engineering

Our controls engineering team is a key strength. Sophisticated yet reliable controls are vital for measuring, monitoring, and controlling system automation. A typical example is tracking, merging, accumulating, and sorting cases on conveyors. Another is precisely locating, storing, and retrieving pallets in automated high-bay warehouses. 

Software & IT

Dematic software and IT engineers develop platforms that can be customized to meet specific requirements. The Dematic consulting team provides expertise in logistics, data analytics, technology, software, IT, networking, and solution design to help customers achieve their strategic and operational objectives. 

Construction Management

Synchronizing a material handling system with its facility is critical to ongoing system performance.  The Dematic construction management team has the expertise to integrate supply chain facilities and building construction to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.
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Project Management

Dematic prides ourselves on providing outstanding project management that makes implementation a smooth and satisfying experience. Dematic project managers provide a key point of contact. Their role is to facilitate communication with customers to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget. Dematic project managers assign resources, develop and maintain the overall project plan and schedule, document issues and risks, and ensure workplace safety, quality, codes, ordinances, and standards are met. 

Operational Planning & Support

Dematic works closely with our customers to develop practical solutions that meet their business needs. We establish a collective understanding of the optimum solution with effective and collaborative project and integration management. The goal is to bring together all the necessary sub-systems and integrating them into a seamless solution.

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Dematic Company Overview

Dematic is a global engineering company that designs, builds, & life cycle supports logistics solutions that optimize material & information flow—from receiving to shipping, within the four walls of the factory, warehouse, or distribution center.

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