Applying Intelligent Solutions

At Dematic we believe that an intelligent solution is one that has been correctly applied and provides the logistics outcomes and cost-efficiencies customers need.

While many Dematic solutions may be based on standard technologies and processes, others can involve the application of innovative new equipment, systems, and business processes.

Dematic recognizes that innovation is a major competitive driver, so we continuously strive to deliver solutions that lead to a competitive advantage.

We also recognize that new technology is not the only form of innovation. Dematic often helps customers innovate by combining ideas, developing and implementing new, smarter processes.

A Long History of Innovation

Dematic has an impressive pedigree as an innovator. In an industry where major advances are often decades apart, Dematic has often led the way when it comes to designing and implementing revolutionary new strategies and solutions to transform the efficiency of supply chain logistics.

From the development of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) to the pioneering of high speed sortation and accumulation conveyor systems, Dematic has consistently been at the forefront of logistics and materials handling systems innovation.

Today, Dematic is continuing to reach new frontiers. New designs in high-speed order assembly for mixed case goods and high-speed conveyor sortation demonstrate our latest technological advancements. So too does the introduction of the Dematic Micro-Fulfillment System, a powerful hardware and software solution to meet consumer demand for rapid online order fulfillment.

And in the future, Dematic will continue to introduce new concepts and solutions to deliver outstanding results for our customers.    

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Dematic Company Overview

Dematic is a global engineering company that designs, builds, & life cycle supports logistics solutions that optimize material & information flow—from receiving to shipping, within the four walls of the factory, warehouse, or distribution center.