A Healthy and Sustainable Business Culture is the Core of Our Mission

Sustainable distribution center

Sustainability at Dematic is about more than just energy efficiency. Sustainability helps drive product innovation and employee success — it is part of our culture. And now, by taking a strategic and operational approach, we are scaling sustainable business practices to benefit our customers, our company, and the environment as a whole.

I’m proud to lead these efforts within Dematic, which requires coordination, collaboration, communication, and delivery of commitments to our stakeholders. Our people are the key to it all. Their passion is inspiring and creates opportunities and solutions that address customer challenges for today — and more importantly — for tomorrow.

Through strategic client and supply chain partnerships, our business strengths help solve needs of a global society by supporting e-commerce as a means to improve quality of life, with minimal impacts to our environment. We take a rigorous approach for setting objectives and targets to ensure shared success.

This doesn’t happen in a day, a month, or even a year. We are taking a long-term approach to meet global value chain agreements and regulatory targets for net zero impacts and achieve a circular lifecycle.


2022 Sustainability Report

At Dematic, we try to make sustainability a part of every aspect of our business by focusing on people, planet, and products. This report presents highlights of our achievements in 2022 as well as our strategies for continued improvements. 

We aim to be an employer that people are eager to work for — and pride ourselves on our more than 200-year legacy of attracting talented teams.

To help protect our planet, we are committed to a carbon-neutral footprint by 2050.* We also intend to reduce waste intensity throughout out supply chain, from suppliers to manufacturing to customer sites.

We provide high performance products, solutions, and services that are safe and efficient while also mitigating climate change. We are focusing on circularity to solve customer challenges by designing beyond a product's first-life and integrating 100% EcoVadis-accredited direct suppliers by 2025.

Small changes lead to dramatic results. As an intelligent automation company, we apply an engineering approach to sustainability across our entire organization.

Sustainability is not a destination. It's a journey and a key part of Dematic’s business strategy. Learn more in the Dematic 2021 Sustainability Report.

*Subject to approval by the Boards of KION GROUP AG, after the end of the reporting year, scheduled for early 2022.

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