Software Integrations

Integration with all warehouse management systems

Any company that’s implementing new software wants to know that it will integrate with its existing systems. With Dematic you can rest easy knowing that our solutions integrate with existing enterprise systems and warehouse management systems (WMSs) — from host to material handling equipment — to create a complete solution.

Seamless software integrations

Because Dematic software integrates seamlessly with your existing system, you won’t have to invest in a new WMS. Our software integration service begins with a professional consultation and continues all the way through to your commissioned operation, with full uptimes and planned service efforts.

A certified SAP integrator, Dematic has worked in partnership with SAP for many years, implementing numerous successful SAP supply chain projects in both manual and highly automated environments.

Dematic software can be integrated with top software brands like:

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Expert project management leading to success

Dematic software experts follow a defined and tested project methodology to ensure the seamless integration of your new software system. The methodology includes:

Complex projects often start with a feasibility study to evaluate project risks and serve as the foundation for later updates. Dematic also analyzes customer requests and make recommendations.

Provides detailed specifications of system requirements based on initially recorded and analyzed processes. Our team and yours will then determine how the processes and functions should be mapped to the new system and which actions are required for implementation.

Our team creates a 3D emulation of your operation, and changes in your processes can be tested quickly against this emulation. First ground tests (mass tests) — or tests with large amounts of virtual stock and moving items — can be performed prior to implementation. This helps reduce onsite installation time, proactively detects errors, and limits risk.

Our team works with your team to upload and prepare for testing with your system by following the blueprint and lessons learned through emulation.

Dematic works through a trial period to ensure the quality of the project. The necessary tests are carried out in several successive steps that include:
  • Single function test
  • Factory acceptance test
  • Load test
  • Integration test
  • Installation test
  • Migrations

Dematic takes over the complete migration of legacy systems and carries out all necessary steps. Our vast experience guides a seamless changeover during ongoing operation. In most cases, a parallel operation is not necessary.

As a leader in logistics automation, Dematic possesses special expertise in connecting subsystems, strictly adhering to industry standards to make any later updates or integrations as simple as possible.

Delivering all the information you require to support your system is critical to success with modernization projects. We try to make the process easier by providing training sessions early and including your team throughout the installation and commissioning process. 

Choosing the right software partner now will determine future success.

Because software is the beating heart of your supply chain solution, your software partner must be able to solve your technical and business challenges. We have a dedicated team of experts that support customers throughout the transition from start to finish, providing guidance at every stage of the project cycle.

Dematic technical experts’ first priority is making your implementations run smoothly. We work in partnership with your teams to ensure that every stage of the process is managed effectively.  

We draw upon decades of experience to deliver complex software solutions that transform supply chains. Using the latest research and development, we work with you to identify your current software requirements for peak operational efficiency and plan for future requirements to ensure your supply chain solution will scale to meet growth targets. 

By understanding the aspects of logistics effectiveness within your facility, you can benchmark productivity, identify opportunities for improvement, and remove waste.

  • Availability: The impact of interruptions to planned operations
  • Performance: The overall process speed, labor productivity, and equipment utilization of your operation compared to top capacity
  • Quality: The frequency of inaccuracies in inventory or order fulfillment

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