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Goods-to-Person Item Picking

Maximize Picker Efficiency with Over 1,000 Picks per Hour


  • High performance goods-to-person (GTP) item picking
  • Wide range of SKU profiles from slow to fast movers
  • Wide range of order profiles from small .com to large retail orders


  • Dense secure storage reduces building and land costs
  • High productivity reduces labour costs
  • Achieves 500-1,000 picks/hour/picker
  • Ergonomic picking stations ensure sustained productivity
  • Picking direct to shipping containers reduces packing labour
  • Improves inventory and order accuracy

Solution Description

  • Product totes stored in Multishuttle or RapidStore Miniload storage buffers
  • Totes may store multiple SKUs for improved storage density – ie: up to 8 or more SKUs per tote for small form products
  • Products automatically retrieved and delivered to RapidPick ergonomic pick stations
  • Operator instructed to pick required quantity of product into shipping container
  • Remaining product returned to storage buffer
  • Order is released when all products have been picked and transported to shipping

Solution Components

"Goods to Person" Order Fulfillment

Goods to Person Order Fulfilment

"Goods to person" means that the order picker stays in one place, and the system brings the "goods" or SKUs (stock keeping units) to the person. Significant benefits can be realised with the use of a "goods to person" system.

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