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Voice Directed Case Pick-to-Pallet

Hands Free Case Picking Ensures Speed, Accuracy and Increased Safety


  • Mixed case order fulfilment
  • Ambient, chilled and/or freezer
  • Medium-high number of SKUs
  • Pick from pallet and/or case flow racks


  • Maximised picker efficiency 
  • Average 200-400 cases/hour/picker
  • Hands-free case picking
  • Improved inventory and order accuracy
  • Store friendly or warehouse friendly pick sequencing
  • Weight and lot number capture options

Solution Description

  • Voice-directed picking device w/hand scanner
  • Operator directed to pick required quantity from location
  • Operator confirms check digit by Voice or scans location or item number
  • Optimised picking path sequence
  • Option to skip zone/aisle if congested
  • Pallet drop off confirmation

Solution Components

Case Pick to Pallet Solutions

Case Pick to Pallet

The Case Pick to Pallet System uses configurable software that can be tailored to accommodate the process variations of each case pick operation. Associates use pallet trucks or fork trucks for travel to the pick locations.

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Dematic iQ Performance Optimising Software

Based on Dematic’s extensive industry experience and technical leadership, Dematic iQ provides the comprehensive insight and ongoing resource optimisation you need to ship packages out the door accurately, on time and at the lowest cost.

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