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Automated Mixed Case Palletising System (AMCAP)

The Ultimate in Automated Grocery Mixed Case Palletising


  • Automated, high-performance palletising system for mixed SKU cases on pallets and roll cages
  • Optimised solution for use in grocery retail distribution centres  


  • Tray-less handling and buffering of cases eliminates the additional investment of mechatronics equipment and trays, and reduces system complexity and footprint 
  • Optimised for brownfield buildings 

  • Full automation reduces labor requirements and the costs associated with poor ergonomics

  • Eliminates picking errors, reduces product damages, and improves inventory accuracy

  • High quality palletising with integrated vision system

  • Dematic iQ software fulfills AMCAP processes and supporting material flow processes required for the Distribution Center business 

  • Dematic’s Pack Builder palletising software optimises the building of store aisle and shelf friendly pallets and roll cages while considering factors such as crushability, stability, and density   

Solution Description

  • Automatic depalletising of single SKU pallets
  • Tray-less conveying and buffering of cases in Dematic Multishuttle 2 Flex
  • Conveyors deliver products in required sequence for pallet assembly 
  • RapidPall automatically palletises a large range of cases and totes on pallets and roll cages
  • Completed pallets are automatically stretch wrapped for stability and labelled for dispatch
  • Dematic iQ software for all business process  

Solution Components