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Automated Pallet Transport and/or Storage (AGV)

Flexible, Scaleable and Real-Time Pallet Transportation and Storage


  • AGV pallet trucks, unit load carriers, forklifts, towing and assembly line vehicles automate transport of pallets and other loads in manufacturing and distribution


  • Reduces/eliminates manual forklift operations
  • Reduces labour and operating costs, improves safety
  • Suitable for 24/7 operations
  • Guidance systems including wire, tape and laser
  • Easily reconfigured to suit changing needs
  • Smart control systems manage routing, navigation, traffic control, obstacle detection and recharging 
  • Configurations to suit loads including pallets, cages, drums, rolls
  • May also be used to tow trailers
  • For short to long distance transportation
  • Can pick from floor, conveyors or low-rise racks
  • Options include lifting forks, lifting tables and conveyor beds
  • Reliable operation with minimal maintenance 

Solution Description

  • Production or warehouse control systems direct AGVs via fixed and/or variable paths to automatically collect, transport and deliver unit loads to designated locations  

Solution Components

Flex Series of Automated Guided Vehicles

Flex Series of AGVs

Dematic provides complete integrated automated guided vehicle solutions which may include Warehouse Management Systems, AGV Controls Systems, Picking Systems, Charging Systems and other automated material handling applications. Our warehouse and distribution experts will design and configure the appropriate AGV or material handling solution that maximizes your return on investment.

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