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 Dematic DC Director
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DC Director

Dematic's comprehensive real-time software platform

DC Director encapsulates industry best practices and operating procedures across a broad spectrum of split case, full case, mix case and high bay solution-sets and complexity profiles.  Logistic innovations and capabilities based-on market requirements, customer business needs and IT standards are incorporated into DC Director using a standard software development methodology and product release cycle.


Developed on an integrated enterprise architecture, DC Director is geared towards organizations that regard logistics applications, processes and progressive technology as strategic to your supply chain goals and objectives.


DC Director is globally available and can be implemented and serviced by local teams in all regions. This globally developed product incorporates the experiences and best practices from our regional markets and industries.

Platform & Benefits

  • Offers integrated software capabilities that are focused on your environment, industry and solution needs
  • Provides a configurable product encompassing industry standard connectivity, best practices and out-of-the-box integration with automation technologies facilitating rapid deployment and minimal training
  • Designed as flexible and scalable end-to-end logistics automation software supporting systems ranging from lower complexity black-box deployments through higher complexity planning and execution solutions

  • Provides early support of new Dematic automation products driving reduced risk
  • Consists of an innovative single platform focusing on infrastructure and using proven, up-to-date technologies to ensure acceptance within IT environments and to promote investment protection
  • Supports industry standard operating system, database and IT requirement to match corporate standards
  • Includes a strong focus on usability, including an intuitive user interface and single sign-on based security model
  • Provides a platform and integrated capabilities for real-time business and system intelligence
  • Provides standard product releases and documentation

Key Features of DC Director

 Dematic Software Brain


DC Director promotes ease of connectivity to enterprise and 3rd party sub-systems via standard web services, adapters, and integration tools. It provides for straightforward integration of DC Director with your existing IT infrastructure including standard integration to both SAP and Manhattan platforms.

 Dematic DC Director Connectivity

Efficient Workstations through Mobile Communication and Intelligence

DC Director incorporates an intuitive and powerful thin-client user interface to provide visibility and information access.  It is centered on an intuitive 100% web-based framework, providing for a zero footprint IT deployment and can be personalized to meet your individual user or role-based requirements. 


A focal point for providing logistics intelligence and warehouse monitoring, DC Director collects and manages a wide variety of system, performance, accuracy and tracking data. Its dashboard and KPI capabilities provide multiple visualization mechanisms including graphical, tabular and gadgets formats to create an attractive view into operational status and providing for critical warehouse management and supervisor decision support.

 DC Director Dashboard Example


DC Director is based on an open and modular foundation utilizing progressive technology tools and adhering to today’s IT standards. Logistics, business logic and technology are harmonized into a single platform for providing end-to-end scalable solutions with ability to grow for the future.


Our modular architecture allows DC Director to easily adapt to varying enterprise and point solution deployment scenarios from end to end warehousing to automated order fulfillment or as a black-box material flow controller. It includes a balanced-set of configuration options to facilitate rapid installation and solution tailoring.


Competitive business requirements that are not covered by standard functionality can be implemented through DC Director’s logical extension points. These methods allow for seamless extension of existing core capabilities to meet strategic business objectives and the flexibility to adjust to customer-specific business processes and legacy systems.



DC Director controls the execution of logistics operations and processes across your integrated solution environment.  It provides standard support for automation technologies such as the Dematic MultiShuttle, RapidStore, RapidPick, Dematic Flexsort and other 3rd party automated subsystems along with support for manual processes such as goods-to-person picking, person-to-goods picking, decanting and forklift management.

 Dematic DC Director Sample Workstation Screen

DC Director supervises and interacts with automated or manual technologies, ensuring proper sub-second response time and repeatable execution performance. It provides for both efficient processing and interaction with automation technology including intelligent exception handling and recovery. Standard best-practice capabilities for labor-based process are provided to optimize performance and accuracy.


Warehouse Control

DC Director synchronizes and centrally manages your integrated system processes as product and material flows throughout your 4-walls facility. It incorporates a variety of optimized scheduling, move and logistics algorithms to provide increased performance, space utilization and automation and solution efficiency.


Continuous tracking and monitoring of all processes and resources allows DC Director to maximize and ensure equipment management across:

  • Inventory management
  • Movement planning, control and supervision
  • Storage and retrieval
  • Sequencing and material supply
  • Routing
  • Housekeeping


Fulfillment and Asset Optimization

DC Director facilitates the order fulfillment process and optimization of assets utilized within the distribution environment to provide timely fulfillment of customer order requirements and priorities.


By incorporating standard features and functions such as order management, order and wave planning, replenishment optimization and fulfillment planning, DC Director provides standard features to support the creation of intelligent fulfillment plans that take into account optimization opportunities across equipment and labor.



DC Director’s conventional capabilities extend our execution offering beyond standard automated fulfillment capabilities to additional conventional processes such as standard receiving, ASN receiving, returns processing, packing and consolidation, loading and shipping.

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