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The RapidPick® System

 Smarter, Faster, Ergonomic Order Fulfillment

The RapidPick® System is a high rate “goods to person” order fulfillment system from Dematic. Engineered with modular components, it scales and expands when your requirements change. It‘s all about presenting items to the picker in the desired sequence, enabling faster picking speed in a comfortable configuration: that’s smarter, faster, ergonomic order fulfillment.

Smarter: The operator stays in one place while items are delivered to the pick station in precise sequence…heavy items first, fragile items last, for lot control, by family group or in whatever sequence that business needs dictate. It's also, smarter since RapidPick allows ultra-high pick accuracy as only one SKU is presented to the operator at a time. In addition, RapidPick workstations accommodate totes and/or cartons of different sizes to facilitate picking directly into the shipping container.


Modular pick station configurations include one pick position to one order position (1 to 1) or one pick position to multiple order positions (1 to multiple). 


Faster: The pick station design allows the highest possible worker productivity. With a one second tote exchange time, the operator doesn’t have to wait for the next item to be picked. Product for picking flows into the RapidPick station smoothly and consistently—that’s made possible by an automated inventory staging buffer called the Dematic Multishuttle™. This is the “engine” that supports high picking rates.


Ergonomic: We designed the RapidPick workstation for sustained productivity and employee comfort. The operator only picks in the “golden zone.” There is no need to move hands above the shoulder or extend arms beyond a comfortable reach. The work platform is adjustable to accommodate operators of various heights. The operator screen can be adjusted for height and angle to minimize neck strain. Loads are automatically delivered to and removed from the workstation eliminating the need for operators to lift or push cartons and totes. The ergonomic design and simple, icon-driven operator screens allows RapidPick stations to meet Universal Access guidelines. 

 The RapidPick System

The RapidPick System


It’s a high performance solution that creates logistics results. Engineered with modular components, it scales and expands when your requirements change. It is called The RapidPick™ System, the most productiveway to provide “goods to person” order fulfillment. The RapidPick System is all about efficiently staging and transferring items to the order selector with speed and accuracy in a comfortable work environment. That’s why it’s smarter, faster, ergonomic order fulfillment.


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