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 Multichannel Distribution
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Multichannel Distribution

One Size Does Not Fit All

Does your multichannel distribution strategy need to be adjusted? Picking orders for internet fulfillment and picking orders for retail stores usually requires different configurations. But there are many ways to optimize the multichannel process by considering a combined distribution operation. You know there is money to be saved in labor, space and inventory if an engineered solution can be implemented that accommodates multiple channels.


Allow us to introduce you to a portfolio of warehouse logistics solutions for staging, replenishment, picking and shipping, that will optimize multichannel distribution operations . . . along with a whole lot more: order accuracy, ergonomics, and order processing speed to mention a few.

White Paper
 Multichannel Disribution White Paper

Multichannel Distribution


An ever changing landscape continues to drive companies to evaluate their order fulfillment systems. The drive to reduce costs and improve profits causes many companies to look for ways to keep multiple operations in one building. This allows them to save on labor, energy, inventory and capital investments.


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Flexible – modular – adaptable.
More throughput in less space.


The new Dematic Multishuttle® 2 is the engine for change that ensures your new logistic and distribution systems will meet competitive demands today and into the future.


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 Dematic Multishuttle 2
 The RapidPick System

The RapidPick System


It’s a high performance solution that creates logistics results. Engineered with modular components, it scales and expands when your requirements change. It is called The RapidPick System, the most productiveway to provide “goods to person” order fulfillment. The RapidPick System is all about efficiently staging and transferring items to the order selector with speed and accuracy in a comfortable work environment. That’s why it’s smarter, faster, ergonomic order fulfillment.


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Case Study
 Bare Escentuals Case Study

Bare Escentuals - Multichannel Distribution Case Study


To improve their warehouse logistics configuration that serves 200 retail store boutiques and 1400 spas, Bare Escentuals implemented an all new process for picking split case items. The results are compelling: no more expedited shipping costs, 5X increase in picking productivity, process improvements, real-time control, increased order accuracy, operational flexibility, annual physical inventory omitted (use cycle count), and reduced order processing time.


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