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 Hanging Garment Storage
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Hanging Garment Systems

Increasing efficiency for hanging garment distribution centers

The apparel retail industry typically divides its product into those picked from cartons, and the remainder picked as hanging garments. The space required, the efficiency of handling, as well as the reduced likelihood of errors can be enhanced with the use of hanging garment automation, including ASRS systems.


Dematic manufactures and installs ASRS systems for the automated storage of hanging garments. The ASRS solution provides benefits for stand-alone bulk storage solutions as well as for integrated systems with order fulfillment operation, making fully automated order picking a reality.

Hanging Garment ASRS
 Hanging Garment ASRS

Advantages of the system compared to conventional systems include:

  • Separation of storage and pick faces (traditionally integrated)
  • No personnel for storage and replenishment
  • Picking operations can be fully automated
  • Better cube utilization with a resulting smaller building and less cost
  • Reduced need for lighting, heating and ventilation
  • Mezzanine and walkways only in front zone of high bay
Loading Rails
 Loading Rails

This innovative system is designed around loading garments onto steel bars, and storing the bars in the rack. At the front zone of the ASRS, garments are loaded and unloaded from the bars automatically.

Linking to Picking and Sorting Systems

The Dematic storage system is generally linked to an automated hanging garment picking and sortation system. The addition of the automated ASRS increases the benefits that such picking and sortation systems provide.  Dematic can also act as the turnkey supplier for an integrated system incorporating hanging garment storage and picking technologies.