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 Pallet Storage
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Automated Pallet Storage Systems

Pallet storage - efficient in every way

Pallet ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval) offers several benefits over storage systems served by fork trucks.


These benefits include:

  • Excellent operator efficiency
  • Very high storage density
  • High throughput 


These benefits can often be enhanced with the connection to other functions, such as manufacturing cells, automated vehicle offloading, automated replenishment of picking areas, goods-to-person pick stations, and dispatch marshalling systems.

 Dematic RapidStore ASRS

Dematic RapidStore ASRS


Dematic RapidStore solutions are an impressive addition to modern materials handling systems. Automatically receiving, putting away and retrieving your stock means the link between bulk reserve storage and online buffer storage is fast, efficient and cost effective.


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Chilled and Frozen Storage
 Chilled and Frozen Storage

Temperature controlled storage is often best undertaken in automated ASRS systems.


Reasons include:

  • Simplifies fire protection
  • Reduces energy losses through higher density storage
  • Eliminates unpleasant workplace for operators
  • Reduces product damage
  • Provides strict product management
Infeed and Outfeed Systems
 Infeed and Outfeed Systems

The pallet infeed system has a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Connecting to other functions
  • Measuring pallet dimensions
  • Spreading the workload between cranes


Infeed systems are generally conveyor-based, but can also be achieved with pallet trucks, AGVs, or shuttle cars.

Pallet Rack Silos
 Pallet Rack Silos

Large storage systems are sometimes built with structural steel racking, which is then clad to form the building. These "Clad-on-rack" structures can reduce overall costs (no separate building required), as well as offering tax benefits.

Automated Vehicle Offloading and Marshalling
 Automated Vehicle Offloading and Marshalling

Dispatch marshalling of pallets can be easily achieved with gravity conveyor adjacent to dispatch docks. Reverse drop sequencing is also often a requirement. Automated vehicle loading and offloading - direct from or to a trailer - is also possible, completing the fully automated DC operation.